Walk down practically any busy city street in the winter and you’ll see yourself engulfed in a sea of black, charcoal and, if you’re lucky,just a touch of navy blue.  It can be a deeply depressing sight; particularly when the mercury drops, the wind howls and the skies seem stuck in a perpetual cloud of grey.  That’s why we’re taking it upon ourselves to get more men wearing color this winter.  Why not add a glimmer of color (and hope) in the swarm of black and grey downtown?  A bit of brighter color is an instantaneous pick-me-up; it’s sure to get you noticed and immediately put anyone you come across in a brighter mood.  Think your corporate job won’t let you get away with a bit of color?  Think again.  There are so many ways to introduce a bit of color into your winter work wardrobe, while still remaining thoroughly professional.  Here are 10 reasons why you should wear color this winter, from us at Milk Shirts.


#1 White is A Color: You don’t have to reach for the crazy colors pile to add color to your look this winter.  Don’t forget, white is a color, too!  As are cream and beige and the whole ‘white’ spectrum.  A lighter color palette is immediately much more refreshing than depressing greys and blacks.  Try a look done in white, tan and ice-grey, instead of the usual dark and dreary suspects.



#2 It The Perfect Accent Piece: Introducing a bit of color to your look can be as simple as just adding a colorful scarf or pocket square to your otherwise monochromatic get up.  A colorful, textured scarf or pocket square are the perfect accent piece for winter.  And if you work in a seriously stuffy, conservative environment, there’s the added bonus of being able to simply just remove your scarf from your next once you hit your desk.



#3 It Enriches Your Look: Colorful pieces truly do enrich your look; a rich purple or saturated pink, for example, immediately adds an ultra expensive feel to your classic pinstripe three-piece suit.  While blacks and greys tone your look down with their subtlety and darkness, bright colors amp up your look with their vitality and punch.



#4 It’s Excellent For Definition: Swapping out your standard black and charcoal blazer jacket for something more colorful is an excellent way to define and highlight your style.  By keeping the rest of your look relatively subtle and introducing one colorful piece, you’re drawing attention to that item and providing definition to your look.  It’s always good to use colorful pieces to pull focus for your look and give the eyes something strong to settle on.  Keep the rest of your look grounded in a crisp white shirt.



#5: It Looks Great in Alternative Fabrics: Colors look great in fabrics such as velvet and corduroy; both, incidentally, very popular fabrics this winter.  If you’re going to opt for something different, why not push the envelope just that little bit further and select a piece in a different fabric from your everyday cotton or wool?



#6: It Gives Your Look Dimension: Use color to break up the different layers of your look and give your overall attire some dimension.  Wearing one color or similar colors from head-to-toe will make you look blocky and clunky.  If you want to give more depth to your look and help you appear stronger and larger, you can use different colors as an optical illusion to create more dimension.



#7: It’s Perfect for Layering: Have you finally mastered the art of layering, after all these years?  Why hide that expertise amidst layer upon layer of the same black, grey and white?  Show off your master layering skills by selecting pieces in contrasting colors, to really highlight those expertly styled layers.



#8: Really, You Can Wear it Like a Neutral: People are so afraid of color, they literally don’t know ‘how’ to wear it.  We say, wear it like a neutral!  It’s no different.  Especially if you go for still-classic colors, such as this evergeen coat.  You can wear it just like you would a camel or charcoal coat.  It looks excellent styled with some more ‘classic’ neutrals such as brown and beige underneath.



#9: It Conveys Immediate Strength: An unabashed man in a colorful suit immediately conveys strength and confidence.  Not everyone can pull off the look, and he knows it; not only that, but he knows he can.  The key to wearing bright color in the winter (or any time of year, for that matter) is really to just wear it with confidence.  Head up, shoulders back, powerful stride.  There’s nothing worse than seeing a cowering man in a sharp power suit.



#10: It Will Brighten Your Day: No matter what you do, no black suit is going to make you feel the way a look with a pop of color in it will.  You cannot help but feel a little brighter, a little happier and a little lighter in sharp colors.  And isn’t that what we all need to get through these dreary grey winter months?