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Milk Shirts at Detour 2014 CREATIVE MART

By |November 25th, 2014|

Come visit Milk Shirts this Saturday 29 November at PMQ’s Detour 2014 CREATIVE MART. We’ll be giving our customers the exclusive opportunity to create your ‘perfect shirt’ from scratch: choose everything from your preferred collar style, to the cuff you’ve always wanted, to the perfect fit you’ve never been able to find off-the-rack. Our range of unique top-quality European white fabrics will also be available to choose from, including striped and herringbone twills, classic cottons, light linens and even non-iron fabrications. Once you’ve built your perfect Milk shirt, you’ll be hooked forever.

So, why a white shirt? Milk Shirts is all about the white shirt. A white shirt transcends seasons, trends and age; it is a wardrobe staple that offers endless versatility. A white shirt is a canvas on which to make your own mark with your personal style. A well-fitted white shirt is simply a must-have for the modern man. At Milk Shirts, we believe there is a white shirt for every occasion, be it for work, for play or for a formal event. Depending on the fabric, the cut, the style and the details, a white shirt is truly a fail-proof choice for any event or purpose.

1. Know your measurements. Two of the most important ones are your collar size and arm length. These are crucial for getting the fit of your shirt right.
2. The One-Finger Rule: your collar should be fitted enough that it doesn’t gape around your neck, but comfortable enough that you can still slip one finger between it and your neck.
3. No excess fabric. One of the worst offenders of shirt fit is excess fabric hanging around your torso. A modern well-fitted shirt should not give more […]

Milk Shirt’s Bow-tie Guide

By |November 18th, 2014|

Every modern man should know how to tie a bow tie.  Those cheap clip-on styles simply just don’t do the trick; it’s impossible to get the same shape, style and volume without tying it yourself.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s really quite simple.  Here’s a guide to show you how:

Though, these days, bow ties are typically reserved for more formal functions, bow ties weren’t always worn that way; in fact, they were an every-day piece during their heyday in the 18th and 19th centuries. The bow tie, admittedly, became ‘unfashionable’ in modern times, but they are having an undeniable resurgence of popularity right now, and not just on the red carpet. It’s time to rethink the bow tie and reintroduce it into your repertoire.

Some tips for wearing a bow tie:

They look best with a point-collar, and you should never wear one with a button collar
Don’t worry if its shape is a bit asymmetric, it adds to the style of the bow tie
The width of your bow tie should never be larger than the width of your collar
If attending a formal black tie or white tie event, make sure your bow tie is a black or white satin fabric.

Here’s Milk Shirt’s guide to wearing a bow tie:

1. Black Tie Formal – A formal black tie event calls for a classic tuxedo jacket and shirt.  A black bow tie is absolutely necessary (hence the name ‘black tie’).  However, feel free to play with size, shape and material of your bow tie.  A slim tuxedo suit pairs nicely with a smaller bow tie, as seen here on Zac Efron.  A classic tuxedo jacket with a wider lapel, […]