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How To Get the ‘Preppy’ Look

By |August 24th, 2015|

You might blame it on John F. Kennedy, but ever since his tenure as the President of the United States of America, it seems the ‘preppy’ look was cemented in history as a major fashion movement that just never seemed to go away.  Named for its preparatory school aesthetic, popularized mostly by upper-class families residing on the Northeastern coast of the United States, the preppy look really began around 1912, but didn’t reach iconic status until the 50’s.  It then became even more popular in the 70’s, with the emergence of ‘Ivy League’ style, which was really just an extension of the preppy look, taken into a university context.  So what, exactly, is the preppy look all about?  Since it draws its roots from a privileged monied background, much of the attire actually revolves around the expensive leisure activities of the American upperclass, such as boating, polo, tennis, rugby and golf.  That’s why you see a lot of stripes and colors, plaid shirts, nautical-themed pieces and equestrian-influenced styles in preppy clothing.  With the success of brands such as Ralph Lauren, J.Crew and Brooks Brothers (all of which have made millions catering to the preppy set), it’s apparent that the preppy look is here to stay.  So, if you’re looking to get the preppy look, here are some ways to achieve it.

Think JFK: Seen by many as The Godfather of preppy fashion, look no further than Mr. President himself, John F. Kennedy.  As one of the most iconic figures of his generation during the height of the preppy style explosion, JFK has become synonymous with the preppy look.  Think navy sport coats, beige chinos, pastel knits and perfectly groomed hair.

Think Navy & Gold: A color […]

7 Ways to Wear an Oxford Shirt

By |August 17th, 2015|

The ‘Oxford’ shirt.  We’ve all see this shirt style advertised in countless menswear stores throughout our lives.  It’s a perennial classic that never goes out of style.  So what, exactly, is an ‘Oxford’ shirt, you ask?  What makes a shirt an ‘Oxford’ shirt really comes down to its cloth; these styles are made from a basketweave, giving it a slightly lustrous look and a thicker density.  In terms of its history, the shirt was originally designed in Scotland in the 1800’s for polo players to wear during play.  The fabric was deemed to be more durable than other shirt cloths, while still remaining breathable.  Today, it’s balance between off-duty comfort and classic sophistication makes it a popular choice for the modern man.  Here at MILK Shirts, our Oxford shirt styles remain some of our best-sellers.  If you’re in need of some inspiration for how to wear yours, here are 7 ways we here are MILK like to wear our Oxford shirts.

Casual Friday: One great way to wear your Oxford shirt is on Casual Friday.  While, if you work in a formal corporate environment, we typically wouldn’t advise that you wear an Oxford shirt to work; however, if your office does Casual Fridays, then it’s a great way to feel relaxed while look professional at the same time.  Pair it with trousers or chinos and leather shoes to keep your look work-appropriate.

Layered: Another great way to wear your Oxford shirt is by layering it underneath a sports jacket.  If you work in a less formal work environment or in a creative industry, this is also a great look to for the office.  It works well for ‘smart casual’ dress codes when paired with chinos or a […]

The Neutral Palette

By |August 5th, 2015|

Summer months typically mean the return of the neutral palette.  Though we do see lots of grey throughout the year, shades such as beige and brown tend to be more commonly seen when the weather is warm.  Recently, we’ve had our eye on shades such as beige and khaki.  These tones look great worn in a head-to-toe neutral palette.  It’s a fresh and modern look that is difficult to get wrong – and yet, so many guys seem hesitant to try it.  Maybe it’s something about the lighter palette as compared to the usual black or navy.  Whatever your fears may be, they are unfounded; especially after you read MILK Shirt’s guide to wearing a neutral palette below.

Palette: The first thing you need to do is find a neutral tone that works for you.  Not all neutrals are created equal and one person will rarely ever look good in every single neutral shade out there to choose from.  From beige to grey, the options out there are endless.  Make sure you find the right neutral tone for you.  Also keep in mind that neutrals that err on the side of brown usually tend to be more summer-appropriate (though not always!), whereas greys are acceptable for wear year-round.

Tonal: One great, easy way to wear a neutral look is to keep your look tonal.  That is, select a neutral that works for you (say, a sandy color such as above), then build the rest of your look around that color using other similar tones.  This keeps your look in neutral territory, while breaking up your look into individual parts, as a head-to-toe one colour look can be difficult to pull off.

Texture: If you’d rather keep all the colors […]

10 Top Tips: How to Iron Your Shirt

By |August 3rd, 2015|

Ironing your shirt.  It’s a simple task that every guy should know how to do.  And yet, every day, we come across guys that clearly have no idea what they are doing.  The effect of an impeccably tailored shirt is immediately ruined by it being wrinkled.  That’s why we’ve endeavoured to present you with our Top 10 tips on how to iron your men’s dress shirt.  Aside from having all of the relevant equipment – namely, an iron and an ironing bird – mastering these tips will ensure that your shirts are ironed perfectly each and every time.


Tip #1: Use the square end of your ironing board. A lot of guys use pointy end of the ironing board but, actually, you might be surprised to learn that your shirt fits perfectly on the square end.  Position your shirt such that the shoulder edge sits on the edge of the board on a 90-degree angle.


Tip #2: Moisture is your best friend. Lots of guys think they can iron without any water and that all they need is heat.  This is incorrect.  A little bit of moisture gets rid of all the little wrinkles in your shirt that come from a traditional tumble dryer.  Spray a bit of water or steam over these little wrinkles and then iron over them and they will disappear before your eyes.


Tip #3: Pull tightly.  Pulling your shirt such that the wrinkles aren’t visible and then ironing over the shirt is another trick to getting those small little imperfections out of your shirt for a clean finish.


Tip #4: Focus on the undersides. This applies to both your collar and your cuffs.  Only iron the seam of the collar down, not the entire topside of the collar. […]