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8 Top Tips for Polishing Your Shoes

By |January 25th, 2016|

Polishing your shoes: we can’t tell you just how important it is.  Not only so that you look well put-together, but also because regular polishing of your shoes will ensure that they are in the best possible condition to last you through years and years of wear.  There’s nothing worse than shelling out for a top quality pair of leather shoes, only to then destroy them with carelessness and lack of maintenance.  A well-made pair of leather shoes should remain in good quality for more than just one cycle of the seasons.  So, here are our top 8 tips for polishing your shoes, to get you in the habit of taking good care of them.  No excuses now.

Tip #1: Cream v. Wax

Shoe polishes typically come in two different forms: cream and wax.  They can be used individually or they can be used together.  If you use both, make sure you use the cream first and then the wax.  What’s the difference?  Creams are meant for cleaning and conditioning, whereas waxes are used for protection and buffing.  Yes, creams can be used to buff, as well, but you won’t get the same high-gloss shine as you do with wax.

Tip #2: Keep Your Colors Separate

Keep separate cleaning tools for different colored shoes.  Never use your black brush on a brown shoe!  Apply the colored polish to the shoe using a cloth.  Then, brush back and forth using a large soft brush and brush until shiny.

Tip #3: If In Doubt, Go Lighter

If you’re stuck between two shades of brown and neither are quite the exact right shade, go for the lighter choice.

Tip #4: Double-Dipping

If you’re in the midst of some particularly inclement weather, do an extra round of polishing with some wax, for […]

The Best Dressed Gents at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards

By |January 13th, 2016|

The thing about the New Year, other than all the resolutions that everyone around us seems to be making or breaking, is that it also means it’s the start of Awards Season, which is a great way to get inspired for what to wear to your next formal event.  Awards season leads into wedding season, which often means you’re required to show up in varying degrees of formal attire, so if you keep your eye on the style choices made on the red carpets, you’re bound to find some inspiration for what to wear come Spring.  As the years go by, leading actors seem to get more daring with their formal sartorial choices, which is great news because it means people are gradually becoming more accepting of something other than your typical black-tie look of yesteryear.  Here are Milk Shirts’ top picks for the best dressed gents at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards.  What do you think of our choices?

Bryan Cranston in Givenchy: Bryan shoes us how to pull off the #AllBlackEverything look on the red carpet.  It’s a great choice for Bryan, as the all black ensemble gives him a youthful, modern look.  We like the downturned lapel, instead of the usual peaked lapel you’d typically see on a tuxedo such as this.  Good job, Bryan.

Michael B. Jordan in Dior: Michael is a newcomer on the Hollywood acting scene and a newcomer on the red carpet–though you wouldn’t know it.  This is the look of a seasoned professional black-tie event goer; the full butterfly bowtie, the stiff white tuxedo shirt, the four-button waist coat, the patent leather shoes.  We do feel the fit is a touch on the small side, but this slimmer fit is currently fashionable, so […]