Style Inspiration from Contemporary Male Artists

By |March 21st, 2017|

The annual Art Basel show kicks off this week in Hong Kong before it heads to Miami and Basel later this year.  With much of the art world abuzz with the start of the iconic show, we’ve turned our attentions recently to contemporary artists and have been intrigued by their work as well as their style.  From the Basquiat to Hirst to Chagall, these artists have created some of the most influential pieces of art in the last century; and their style is just as diverse as their approach to art.

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The renowned New York graffiti artist has never been one to conform to the usual norms of society.  As one of the first artists who popularised contemporary graffiti art, Basquait rose to fame in the late-70’s, when hip-hop, punk and art collided in truly electrifying ways.  Much like his non-conformist art, Basquiat frequently broke the rules when it came to style, as is attested in this portrait of the artist.  Peruse Basquiat’s prolific works of art and get in the mood to break some of your own style rules.

Kehinde Wiley: As one of today’s most respected living artists, Wiley’s work focuses on the use of colour and graphics, bringing together the worlds of art and graphic design.  Much like his art, Wiley’s style also frequently features strong repetitive motifs in bright colours, in the form of embroidered jackets and patterned shirts.

Ryan McGinley: As one of our generation’s most iconic art photographers, McGinley has been praised for his exploration of the relationship between humanity and the world around us, through his work which was first exhibited at the Whitney Museum at the tender young age of just 25. As the young maverick of the photography […]