Men’s Winter Shirt Fabrics You Need to Know

By |November 30th, 2017|

With winter officially here, it’s time to properly reassess your winter shirt wardrobe.  Many men don’t realise that certain shirt fabrics work better in the winter, while others better in the summer.  Most of this comes down to the thickness of the material of the shirt, which is determined both by how it’s woven and also by what type of yarn is used to weave the fabric.  Whereas poplins make for a great light-weight, breathable summer shirt, in the winter months they often times just don’t cut it in terms of warmth.  Below, we outline Milk Shirts’ favorite winter shirt fabrics you need to know before your next visit to the tailor.


Pinpoint Oxford: Oxford shirts are great for winter wear as they are made from a thicker weaving technique, giving  you added warmth in the cooler months.  We often get asked about the difference between a Pinpoint Oxford and a regular Oxford shirt.  They’re both considered Oxford style shirts because they are made from the same weaving technique.  The difference, however, is in the thickness and weight of the yarn used for the weave.  Oxford shirts have a heavier thicker weave and are, therefore, usually more of a casual wear piece.  A Pinpoint Oxford, however, is made from a finer, lighter yarn and therefore gives a more formal finish, appropriate for wear at the office. Our #18 New York Shirt is constructed from one of the best Pinpoint Oxford cloths we’ve come across.


Herringbone & Jacquard: These two fabrics are a great choice for winter, if you want something with an interesting texture.  Both herringbone and jacquard fabrics require a thicker weaving technique to produce the textures, so they are naturally a warmer shirt fabric, great […]