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How to Wear: Tonal Menswear

By |April 9th, 2018|

In recent months, we’ve noticed an influx of tonal-based looks photographed on men at Pitti Uomo and on the streets of New York, London, Paris and Milan.  Whereas in the past, we’ve seen lots of colorful looks, mixing different tones, lately the trend has been towards a more head-to-toe tonal look.  Though it may seem easy to pull off, it isn’t as simple as just dressing head-to-toe in one color; introducing texture and pattern is key to giving your look depth and interest, preventing it from look too flat.  Here are some of our top tonal picks to get you inspired to try sporting one color from head-to-toe this year.


All Beige Everything – beige is one of the easiest tones to wear in a tonal look.  There are so many shades of beige to choose from; you can go for tan, cream, sand, beige or even brown.  It’s an excellent choice for a smart casual look, as seen here, and can likely be created from existing pieces in your wardrobe: a pair of classic cream trousers, a beige jacket and a brown shirt, tee or polo.  Select a jacket in a textured fabric to give your look more interest.  Finish off with a pair of brown suede loafers.

Classic Blue – if you’re a classic guy who still wants to look on-trend, try an all-blue look.  You can go for a minimalist style, such as this stylish Japanese gentleman, but if you do remember fit is paramount here.  When working with simple pieces, it’s important that they are fit impeccably in order to really create a stylish overall feeling.  Pair your favorite blue suit with a sky blue shirt and navy tie.  Add a white pocket square […]

Sustainable Manufacturing in Menswear

By |April 9th, 2018|

A lot is being said these days about waste, consumption and sustainability, particularly in the industry of fashion.  With documentaries such as The True Cost being released and articles being written that proclaim fashion to be the second most polluting industry in the world (second only to oil), it’s important that we all wake up and start having more of these conversations, which will hopefully alter people’s consumption patterns and attitude towards fast-fashion.  Here at Milk Shirts, in a way, you could say that we are anti-fast fashion; we hold no stock since everything is made to order, we dump zero inventory since we have nothing ‘left over’ at the end of a season, we manufacture sustainably with our in-house tailors, and produce timeless classic styles with a meticulous attention to craftsmanship to ensure our shirts are made to last.

Having your clothes tailored means that they fit you as best as possible, resulting in the likelihood that you will wear it more often than something bought off the rack.  We are (obviously) big believers in the tailor-made model, but we understand that not everybody can get things tailored.  If you’re unable to do so, then make sure to invest in classic timeless pieces, that you will be more likely to wear for a longer period of time, instead of something trendy that you may only wear once or twice before moving on.

A recent survey revealed that many men living in first-world countries often throw out clothing after wearing it only once.  This is shocking behaviour and is supremely bad for the environment.  These men are likely throwing away clothes after just one wear for several reasons: 1. it’s a trendy item that they feel they can only wear once or 2. […]