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The New Rules for Tuxedo Shirts in 2018

By |August 20th, 2018|

It’s 2018, and although some of the rules of formal dressing have remained the same, much has also changed, thanks to some who are shaking things up and modernising this traditional state of dress.  Though the terms “black tie” and “white tie” are certainly still regularly used to dictate dress codes, some stylish men have been putting their own twist on these style rules, and giving them a modern update.  From decisions about plackets (traditionally concealed), collars (traditionally winged), bibs (traditionally pleated), cuffs (traditionally French) and more, here, Milk Shirts rounds up 4 new approaches to formal tuxedo dressing in 2018.

The Minimalist

Traditional tuxedo shirts had pleated bib-fronts, stiff wing collars, a concealed placket and double cuffs; these four elements combined are almost guaranteed to result in the wearer feeling a bit uncomfortable.  These days, tuxedo shirts have been stripped back to a much more minimalist style.  Our ‘Prague’ Shirt features a neat plain bib-front, concealed placket, a narrow spread collar and convertible cuffs.  It’s an excellent choice if you want to experiment with a cleaner, more modern tuxedo look, while remaining perfectly respectful of either a black or white tie dress code.  Wear it with a classic black shawl collar tuxedo.


The Pattern Play

If minimalism isn’t for you, then we suggest looking for a modern formal shirt with a bit of pattern play.  These shirts typically feature other modern stylings, such as a slimmer spread collar, perfect for adding a more modern slim bowtie instead of the traditional ostentatious butterfly style.  Our ‘Saigon’ Shirt is done in a mini-dot poplin fabric to give it a modern textural twist.  With its concealed placket and convertible cuffs, it’s also just classic enough to get away with for a formal black or white tie event.  Style it with a […]

The 5 Shirts Every Man Needs During the Summer

By |August 7th, 2018|

Whenever summer comes around, we always say that the best way to look put together despite the summer heat is to stick to nice, well-cut classic shirts.  However, lots of guys complain that wearing a shirt in the summer can sometimes be ‘too hot’ and that they would rather wear tees instead.  Well, we’re here to tell you that you’ve simply be wearing the wrong shirts, friends!  The key is all in the fabric.  Here, we’ve rounded up five of the must-have shirt styles every man needs to get himself through the summer in style.

The Cotton Poplin – If there’s one work shirt you have to have in your summer wardrobe rotation, it’s a classic white poplin shirt, such as our ‘Zurich’ style.  By design, poplin fabric is a lightweight and very breathable style, making it perfect for summer wear.  Chances are, those photos you seen of sophisticated men looking stylish and comfortable in a suit in the height of summer were of them wearing a poplin shirt.  Do yourself a favor and get a couple made now.


The Linen Work Shirt – Depending on your industry, if you work in an office that is a bit more relaxed, you can absolutely get away with wearing a linen shirt to work in the summer.  Make sure you opt for linens that are a bit thicker and sturdier, with a tighter weave; this makes them crisper and more substantial, therefore making them more appropriate for the workplace.  Wear it with a cotton or linen blazer and lightweight cotton chinos and you’re good to go to work.


The Casual Linen Shirt – If your work doesn’t let you wear linen to the office during the week, then make sure you invest […]