We’re well into the month of August now, which sadly means summer will soon be coming to an end.  While summers are all about time spent in the sun by the beach, in the great outdoors or passing the time in the good company of family and friends, it’s also about an upbeat sense of style. Summer beckons lighter colours, pastels, florals, paisleys and linens.  Once you get into the habit of wearing these pieces, it can be difficult to give them up.  That’s why we’ve come up with 5 easy ways for you to make your summer style last into autumn.  Get more wear out of your favourite summer looks by following these 5 simple tips.  It’s guaranteed to help you make that effortless summer carefree feeling last a few extra weeks and, of course, get more bang for your buck from your summer wardrobe.

streetfsn by Nam

#1 Rethink Your Pastels: Think pastels are just for summer?  Think again.  Get more wear out of your summery pastel suit by layering it under thicker winter jackets and overcoats in the cooler months.  You’ll be sure to stand out with your sophisticated pastel style in a sea of grey of black.


#2 Repurpose Your Accessories: Make those summer paisleys and watercolour accessories work for winter buy investing in a wool suit which echoes those summer tones.  Anchor your look with a classic white shirt.


#3 Just Add Layers: Simply select a look you love this summer and add an additional layer in between your shirt and your blazer for added warmth.  Try a thin puffer vest for a modern look with an urban twist, or add a knit sweater or cardigan for a more classic look.


#4 Make Your Scarf Work Double-Time: A lightweight scarf is a nice accessory to add a bit of style to any summer look, but it can also serve a greater purpose in the colder months, to keep you warm by wrapping it around your neck.


#5 When All Else Fails, Add An Overcoat: If you’re feeling nostalgic about your summer style, just go for it and wear it, why not?  Don’t forget to throw on an overcoat to keep you warm.