Navy blue is one of the go-to colours in our wardrobe.  It’s a year-round favourite that can be worn in countless different ways.  Lately, however, we’ve noticed how men seem to get their summer navy looks all wrong, sticking too much to winter wardrobe dressing habits.  Navies can and should indeed be worn all year long, regardless of the season, however there are different ways to wear your favorite navy pieces in the summer and the winter.  Here are some of our go-to navy looks for summer to get you inspired to wear your navy pieces differently this season.


1. The Italian Way – We call this the ‘Italian way’ because, if you’ve ever been to Italy in the summer, you’d know how Italian men have an affinity for white trousers paired with colored tops.  One of our favorite colors to wear with white trousers is, of course, navy blue.  It’s a classic look with a nautical touch, particularly if worn with a striped shirt and topsider shoes.  Alternatively, worn with a linen shirt and suede loafers, it’s a sophisticated yet comfortable look to keep you stylish in the summer heat.

2. Just Add Florals – One easy way to add a summery touch to the dark palette of navy blue is to complement it with some floral accessories.  A floral tie, floral pocket square or even a floral motif lapel pin are all excellent ways to give your favorite navy suit some summer longevity.


3. Yes!  A 3-Piece!  Contrary to popular belief, you can indeed wear a three-piece suit in the summer without passing out in the heat.  Simply look for a suit that is made from cotton instead of wool.  For added comfort in the heat, opt for a suit jacket that is half-lined; half-lined suits mean that they are not lined in the back, allowing air to pass through more easily, thereby creating a cooling effect for the wearer.  Wear your navy 3-piece with a light-weight crisp, classic white shirt such as our ‘Zurich’ style.


4. Classic Casual – A navy blazer is a great piece to either style up or down.  If you want to give your navy blazer a more casual touch in the summer, pair it with a light-blue oxford shirt and beige chinos.  Finish off your look with classic white sneakers.  A great choice for a classic casual weekend look.


5. Tailored Casual – If you prefer a slightly more tailored look, even on the weekends, swap your oxford shirt out for a crisp and classic cotton style, and pair it with some lightweight cotton or linen trousers.  Instead of sneakers, opt for a pair of brown suede shoes instead.  Socks are optional, but other stylish accessories such as a nice leather belt, pocket square and sunglasses are essential to tie everything together.


6. Modern Casual –  Our final casual wear option is the most modern of all our casual looks on this list.  Leave your blazer and shirt at home and opt, instead, for a fitted navy knit polo shirt; a knit polo is a nice alternative to the usual preppy polo shirt styles of the 2000’s.  Pair it with some crisp navy trousers, to give your look a tailored finished.  For a final flourish, add brown suede shoes.


7. Textural Blues – Summer is a great time to experiment with different textures, aside from the usual wintery textures of tweed and various other woven fabrics.  Look out for textured cottons and synthetic fabrics, particularly on blazers.  Pair a textured navy blazer with a pair of classic slim cotton trousers, suede loafers and a checkered shirt for a modern sophisticated tailored summer look.