We’re not sure why but, each year when summer rolls around, we find ourselves drawn to the look of the sartorial men of Italy.  Perhaps it’s because of Pitti Uomo, the annual men’s fashion market which happens around mid-June, when all the photos of well-dressed Italian men converging on this one area in Florence start to flood the internet.  Whatever the reason, we’re not denying the appeal of Italian summer dressing. So, to get you in the mood to dress more like an Italian man this summer, we’ve put together a list of 9 easy tips for you to follow.  Guaranteed to get you looking like a stylish Italian.


1. Invest in Linen: Linen is a mainstay in the Italian summer wardrobe.  Why?  It’s lightweight, it’s breathable and it’s meant to get a bit crinkly, so it’s a thoroughly unfussy fabric.  The breathable fabric also makes it a winning material for summer suiting.  Invest in a linen suit in a light colour such as light beige or light blue, and pair it with a classic white linen shirt, such as our ‘Rio de Janeiro’ style.



2. Add Colour: Summer is all about color in Italy.  Just think about it: the Italian Riviera is filled with colourful houses, flowers and fruit.  It’s difficult not to get inspired to wear a bit of color in the summer.  A colorful blazer jacket does the trick.  Pair it with a white shirt such as our ‘Zurich’ style, to keep the look classic.  Finish off the look with beige slacks and brown leather shoes.



3. Cotton is Key: Leave your wool suit at home.  It’s too hot to wear one in this heat.  Besides, European summers are all about a more relaxed look, and a cotton suit is the easiest way to achieve that look.  Invest in a cotton suit in a summer hue such as light grey, beige or blue.  A great piece for a summer wedding, paired with colorful accessories.



4. Well-Hatted: Perhaps one of the easiest ways to blend in as a sartorial Italian man is to invest in a well-made straw hat for summer.  They’re everywhere in Italy.  Simply perch on on the top of your head and you’ll make any classic white shirt and trousers combination look thoroughly Italian.



5. New Neutrals: Black, navy, charcoal, dark brown; these are colors that are rarely ever seen in Italy during the summer.  Leave those colors for winter.  Summer in Italy is all about new neutrals such as white, tan, beige, sand, light grey.



6. All in the Accessories: If there’s anything the Italians do exceptionally well, it’s accessorizing.  The hats, the sunglasses, the watches, the braces, the ties, the pocket squares — the list goes on and on.  If there’s one thing you can do to look like a seasoned Italian this summer, it’s to pile on the accessories.



7. Who Needs Socks: Pay close attention to feet crossing the piazzas in Italy and there’s one thing you’ll keep seeing over and over again, sockless Italian men.  The leather loafer or canvas espadrille is a popular summer footwear choice in Italy and so it’s rare that you’ll see a sock-encased foot here during the summer months.



8. Add Prints: Other than color, print is another thing that Italians get on board with come summer.  Whether it’s a printed scarf, printed pocket square, printed tie or printed shirt, make sure you flex your creative muscle this summer when it comes to showing off a print or two.



9. Have Fun: When all is said and done, the thing that makes Italian dressing so appealing in the summer is the simple fact that Italian men have fun with their style.  They aren’t afraid to break a few rules, stand out from the crowd or add their own personal twist to an otherwise classic look. And so, the best way to blend in is to make sure you’re having fun with your style, too.