After years of being lucky enough to travel around the world to different continents, from North America and Asia to the Middle East and Australia, one thing is for sure: European men seem to have the most fun with their style, even in their senior years.  In no other place is it more evident than in France and Italy.  In the summer months, we regularly see these men with what NOWNESS has dubbed “advanced style” putting on their best suits and heading out to a café or wine bar to drink wine, smoke cigars, play cards and catch-up with friends.  They take pride in the way they look. It’s a refreshing sight to see, after the contrast of how men of similar age dress in most other parts of the world.  To be honest, they give many a younger bloke a run for their money.  And dressing up as they do really does add a youthful exuberance to their overall demeanour.  It just goes to show that style truly knows no age.  So, in honour of these sophisticated and sartorial seniors, we’ve put together a few of our favourite looks to inspire you to take pride in your own personal style, every day, from today until the end of days.


Need an instrument to assist in your walking?  No trouble at all, invest in a stylish bamboo walking cane that will elevate your every look.  Don’t forget to wear comfortable (but stylish) walking shoes.


Poor of vision?  No worries, just make sure to select a pair of spectacles that reflects the special personal style you’ve cultivated over the decades.


Not a fan of modern technology?  Great, invest in a quality leather-bound planner instead.


Going on vacation?  Your vacation wardrobe should be just as stylish (if not even more stylish) than your regular everyday wares.  A linen blazer, straw Panama hat and suede loafers are no-brainers.


Feeling chilly? Grab a classic, but statement-making scarf to keep you warm.  Make sure to arrange it stylishly and have it coordinate well with the rest of your palette.


Invest in classics that have stood the test of time, just like you.


Maintain a well manicured beard and well-groomed hair.


Too old for statement-making prints and textures?  Never.


Too old to experiment and have fun with your style?  Never.


Remember, style is a form of personal expression, so have fun with it add your own special twist to every look.