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Milk Shirts at Detour 2014 CREATIVE MART

By |November 25th, 2014|

Come visit Milk Shirts this Saturday 29 November at PMQ’s Detour 2014 CREATIVE MART. We’ll be giving our customers the exclusive opportunity to create your ‘perfect shirt’ from scratch: choose everything from your preferred collar style, to the cuff you’ve always wanted, to the perfect fit you’ve never been able to find off-the-rack. Our range of unique top-quality European white fabrics will also be available to choose from, including striped and herringbone twills, classic cottons, light linens and even non-iron fabrications. Once you’ve built your perfect Milk shirt, you’ll be hooked forever.

So, why a white shirt? Milk Shirts is all about the white shirt. A white shirt transcends seasons, trends and age; it is a wardrobe staple that offers endless versatility. A white shirt is a canvas on which to make your own mark with your personal style. A well-fitted white shirt is simply a must-have for the modern man. At Milk Shirts, we believe there is a white shirt for every occasion, be it for work, for play or for a formal event. Depending on the fabric, the cut, the style and the details, a white shirt is truly a fail-proof choice for any event or purpose.

1. Know your measurements. Two of the most important ones are your collar size and arm length. These are crucial for getting the fit of your shirt right.
2. The One-Finger Rule: your collar should be fitted enough that it doesn’t gape around your neck, but comfortable enough that you can still slip one finger between it and your neck.
3. No excess fabric. One of the worst offenders of shirt fit is excess fabric hanging around your torso. A modern well-fitted shirt should not give more […]

Milk Shirt’s Bow-tie Guide

By |November 18th, 2014|

Every modern man should know how to tie a bow tie.  Those cheap clip-on styles simply just don’t do the trick; it’s impossible to get the same shape, style and volume without tying it yourself.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s really quite simple.  Here’s a guide to show you how:

Though, these days, bow ties are typically reserved for more formal functions, bow ties weren’t always worn that way; in fact, they were an every-day piece during their heyday in the 18th and 19th centuries. The bow tie, admittedly, became ‘unfashionable’ in modern times, but they are having an undeniable resurgence of popularity right now, and not just on the red carpet. It’s time to rethink the bow tie and reintroduce it into your repertoire.

Some tips for wearing a bow tie:

They look best with a point-collar, and you should never wear one with a button collar
Don’t worry if its shape is a bit asymmetric, it adds to the style of the bow tie
The width of your bow tie should never be larger than the width of your collar
If attending a formal black tie or white tie event, make sure your bow tie is a black or white satin fabric.

Here’s Milk Shirt’s guide to wearing a bow tie:

1. Black Tie Formal – A formal black tie event calls for a classic tuxedo jacket and shirt.  A black bow tie is absolutely necessary (hence the name ‘black tie’).  However, feel free to play with size, shape and material of your bow tie.  A slim tuxedo suit pairs nicely with a smaller bow tie, as seen here on Zac Efron.  A classic tuxedo jacket with a wider lapel, […]

The End of the Fitted Suit

By |September 29th, 2014|

The fitted suit has been the popular style of choice for men for what seems like forever now.  Everywhere we go, we can’t seem to escape it.  Trousers are getting tight, jackets are so fitted it seems some men are unable even to lift their arms.  The latest Bond film featured tailoring so figure-hugging we were amazed that Daniel Craig was able to run, let alone throw a punch.  While we are undeniably fans of the fitted suit, we can’t help but ask ourselves if its time has come to an end.  Recently, we’ve been seeing everyone from Giorgio Armani to Hermes to Lanvin to Prada showing looser-fitting styles.  Granted, most of these designers showed these styles for the spring and summer seasons when the overall aesthetic is much more relaxed, but we can’t help but think about how great a looser fitting double-breasted khaki suit would look with a white linen shirt, such as our #101 Rio de Janeiro style.  What do you think?  Is this the beginning of the end of the fitted suit?


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Slick Monochrome

By |September 29th, 2014|

After so many seasons of bright and vivid colours, it seems we’re finally ready to embrace good ol’ black-and-white again.  While we all like a bit of colour in the summer, we’ve always thought autumn and winter should be more about textures, and the easiest way to wear texture is with a monochrome palette.  While the monochrome looks at houses such as Dior has been all about a very slick style this season, concentrating on crisp lines with minimal texture other than a clean pinstripe, we do think it’s a great opportunity to throw on a textured tie with a print or in a knit fabric.  We also like the look for work when worn with a textured white shirt, such as our #12 London shirt with a mini herringbone twill.  For evening, opt instead of clean fabrics which can be accessorised with interesting elements such as a collar pin or a waistcoat.  Pair the look with our #5 Paris shirt.


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Layer Up

By |January 28th, 2014|

Winter’s here and that means it’s time to layer up! We think the art of layering is a lot like the art of mixology. It’s all about mixing in a bunch of different textures and styles to create the perfect combination that is both warm and stylish. So, in light of that fact, here are a few handy tricks from MILK Shirts on how to mix up your layered look this season.

1. Mix Textures, Not Tones – The easiest way to get layering right in the winter is to stick to one tone and then play around with different textures. Mixing both textures and tones can get you caught in tricky waters. Keep things easy by keeping things tonal. For example, try a blue chambray shirt with a navy blue knit cardigan and a blue-grey blazer layered on top. If you want to amp up your look, do it with your accessories. Try a blue-patterned tie or a solid tie in another color to take it to the next level.

2. Mix It Up – When it comes to layering, don’t limit yourself to a certain category of attire. What do we mean by this? It’s simple: for example, don’t feel like you have to stick to classics if you’re wearing a tailored suit. Mix it up a bit by throwing in a nylon puffer vest underneath a tailored blazer or throw a utilitarian anorak over a sleek double-breasted jacket.

3. Mix In A Scarf – Never underestimate scarves: they can add another ‘layer’ to your look if you learn how to tie it correctly. Scarves can be made to look like an extra layer of clothing and they are a great way to introduce a […]

Milk Travel Guide

By |January 28th, 2014|

Each month, MILK SHIRTS takes you to another one of our favorite cities in our ‘MILK Travel Guide’ series. We kick things off with some thunder from Down Under: the beautiful seaside city they call Sydney, Australia.

1. Shop – Though known primarily for its laid-back beachwear, rubber sandals and skinny jeans (heard of ksubi, anybody?), there is actually a larger thriving fashion scene that can be found in Sydney. The new Westfield Sydney in the city is home to two new menswear boutiques with international appeal: the dapper Harrolds and the edgier May Day Market. If you’re looking for something tailored, head to Paddington where you’ll find classic tailoring with modern textiles at Matthew Lawrence Bespoke and old-Hollywood style (made in Melbourne) at Anton’s.

2. Sip – Sydney offers up some of the best coffee in the world; the baristas there really know their stuff and have mastered the art of making a killer coffee, punctuated with a friendly demeanor. Head to Crown Street in Surry Hills if you like a side of people watching with your brew—it’s the ‘colorful’ part of town, where artists, university students, models, hipsters and the downtrodden can all hang out in peace. Head to Pieno for a flat white, then across the street to Kawa for a snack.

3. Hang – When in Sydney, head to the beach. If you’re in the mood to hang out in a sea of tourists, make your way to Bondi, but if you want something with more local flare, we’d suggest heading to the Norther Suburbs. Balmoral is a local favorite that’s not too far from the city, which has recently been made hip again thanks to the opening of the Balmoral Boathouse, a […]