“First impressions die hard.” “You only have one chance to make a first impression.”  These are quotes we hear time and time again.  And, you know what?  They’re right.  Especially when it comes to your first date.  Every happily coupled woman remembers what her man was wearing on their first date, and we’re willing to bet she has very fond memories of exactly what it was, from head to toe.  You don’t want her thinking back on a sloppy outfit for the rest of eternity, do you?  Make sure you make an excellent first impression on all your first dates to come.  First date dressing can often be a point of anxiety for many of our clients here at Milk Shirts.  Honestly, it shouldn’t be.  We’re firm believers that, unless your first date involves some kind of intense physical activity such as hiking or working out at the gym, you should wear a shirt.  Yes, a classic trusty button-down shirt.  Whether it’s a weekend brunch, an early evening movie, a fancy dinner or a picnic in the park; no matter what the time of day or occasion, you simply cannot go wrong in a nice, classic shirt.  9 times out of 10 we would suggest you wear a blazer jacket or suit with that shirt, too.  And, just in case you need a bit more inspiration for what to wear on your next first date, here are Milk Shirts‘ top first date outfit suggestions below.

The Dinner Date: You’re taking her out to a nice meal.  Nothing too extravagant, but it’s definitely not your roadside pizza or burger joint.  Somewhere with table service and a decent wine or cocktail list.  Wear a suit.  Or, at the very least, wear a nice blazer with chinos.  The advantage of having a jacket is that it allows you to offer it to your date if she’s feeling chilly.  Chivalry points galore.  And since you’ve got your best suit on, make sure you pair it with a nice crisp shirt.  A classic white shirt such as our ‘Zurich’ style or pastel blue are both great choices.  Finish things off with a pair of leather shoes and an accessory such as a pocket square to show off your personal style.


The Movie Date: So you’ve decided a movie is a great first date choice.  We agree, it is.  Since a movie is a slightly more relaxed affair, feel free to leave your suit or blazer jacket at home.  That doesn’t mean you have free reign to dress like a slob.  Put a nice shirt on.  A well-pressed, well-fitted shirt always makes a great first impression.  Choose something with a bit of texture in it to show you’ve got style.  Pair it with cotton trousers and and a pair of loafers or a fashionable pair of simple leather lace-up sneakers.  Our ‘New York’ Oxford shirt is a great choice.


The Formal Date: So you’ve got the fancy route.  Don’t mess things up now by showing up sloppy.  If you’ve made reservations at a top restaurant in town, your date will surely dress the part, so you better not disappoint.  Wear a nice shirt such as our classic ‘Paris’ style, a suit or blazer and chinos and a tie.  Make sure you’re well groomed and that your clothes have been nicely pressed and wrinkle-free.  Finish off with a nice pair of leather shoes and a few other accessories that highlight your personality, such as a pocket square, cuff-links, a watch or simple jewellery.


The Trendy Date: If like to think of yourself as a the kind of man who’s always up with the latest fashions, with a buckets of personal style, always just remember to keep in mind that your date look should be kept classy.  Don’t be afraid to add touches of your personal style here and there, just make sure you’re looking well-presented come date night.  A three-piece suit instead of your standard two-piece is a nice style choice.  As is a patterned shirt instead of one that is a solid color.


The Black or White Tie Date: Okay, so you’re Mr. Ultra Fancy.  You’ve scored an invite to some ultra exclusive black or white tie event town.  Don’t ruin it now by showing up dressed inappropriately.  Your date will revel in the fact that she can have her moment in a gown and jewels, but the real highlight of her evening will be seeing you in a tuxedo.  Don’t disappoint.  Look no further than our ‘Prague’ formal shirt to pair with that tux.