What does it mean to wear black-tie in today’s day and age?  We take a look at the latest trends in formalwear through the lens of the 2017 Oscars red carpet.  It is arguably Hollywood most fashionable evening, with all the biggest stars turning out in their finest, so it’s an excellent time to gauge the trends in modern black-tie wear.  While some opted for more classic, timeless styles, others took bigger risks.  From slim-fit classics, to double-breasted old-world styles, to ruffled shirts, the style at this year’s Oscars was far from boring.  Here are our top modern black-tie trends from the 2017 Oscars for you to get inspired by this year.


Timeless Tux

Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the 2017 Oscars, opted for a pretty classic black three-piece tuxedo, with a peaked lapel.  His look was timeless, fail-proof and sophisticated.  It would have been almost immaculate if it weren’t for just one thing: we wished he had kept his jacket buttoned for his opening.  It would have made for a cleaner look.  Nevertheless, if you’re looking for some timeless black tie inspiration, look no further than Mr. Kimmel.


Throwback Tux

Michael Shannon gave us a slightly more old-school vibe in his Tom Ford double-breasted tuxedo.  The double-breasted suit is a great option for a guy who wants a sturdier, stronger look on the red carpet.  With so many men opting for single-breasted tuxedos these days, you’ll be sure to stand out (in a good way) in a double-breasted option.  The addition of the red lapel flower also gave it a nice 20’s-inspired look (a small nod to his career-making role in the 1920’s-set Boardwalk Empire, perhaps?).


The Dinner Jacket

Dev Patel in Burberry shows us how to pull off a dinner jacket at the Oscars.  Traditionally, in England, a tuxedo actually refers to a white dinner jacket, worn with a white tuxedo shirt, black tuxedo trousers and a black bowtie.  We like Dev’s modern take on the look, opting for a shirt with a concealed placket, forgoing the need for tuxedo shirt studs, making for a very clean overall effect.


The Butterfly Bowtie

John Legend wore a tuxedo by Gucci, complete with a lavish jumbo butterfly bowtie.  A butterfly bowtie is characterised, quite simply, by its butterfly shape; this style has not been quite as popular in recent years, with most men opting for the batwing or diamond-point styles.  Mr. Legend keeps his look classic, focusing on an impeccable fit; the butterfly bowtie is a nice point of difference that makes him stand out from other gentlemen at the Oscars.


The Skinny Tux

Andrew Garfield in Tom Ford shows us that a skinny tux is still very much in style.  Garfield’s slim frame is well-suited to this skinny tuxedo style. We particularly like the fold-up cuff detail on the tuxedo jacket, as well as the choice of footwear here.  It elevates the look so that it’s not too predictable, giving it just the right amount of personality.


The ‘Fashion’ Interpretation

Another gentleman in Gucci, Ryan Gosling opted for a look that’s been popular on the Gucci runways for the past few seasons: the ruffled shirt.  It’s a thoroughly retro style and probably a difficult look for most men to pull off, however Gosling manages to wear it with aplomb.  His confidence and the nonchalance with which he wears the ruffles are the key to making the look work.  Of course, he also kept the rest of his attire quite classic so as not to go over-the-top.


#AllBlackEverything Tux

Mahershala Ali in Ermenegildo Zegna.  As the first muslim actor to win an acting Oscar, we must first express our congratulations for Mr. Ali on a very well-deserved win for his role in Moonlight, which also took home the Best Picture award at this year’s Academy Awards.  Secondly, we must congratulate him on bringing the All Black Everything look to the red carpet.  Okay, so maybe it’s not black everything, we do spy a buttonhole with contrast white stitching and a black-and-white patterned pocket square.  In fact, it’s these small little touches that really brings his look to life.


Textural Tux

Justin Timberlake chose a textured Tom Ford tuxedo for his turn on the red carpet at the 2017 Oscars.  While the fit, the cut and the style of his tuxedo are all rather standard, it’s the fabric of his tuxedo that made Mr. Timberlake stand out this year.  The textured fabric of this Tom Ford tuxedo makes a strong style statement without being too loud.  An excellent choice.