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    How To Dress for a Formal Occasion, According to the Men of ‘Dunkirk’

How To Dress for a Formal Occasion, According to the Men of ‘Dunkirk’

By |August 30th, 2017|

Dunkirk may be summer’s biggest blockbuster and Christopher Nolan’s greatest film.  The success of the film was, in large part, due to the impeccable performances from the wholly-British cast.  As a film of great significance to the British people, the premiere was an important affair, attended by the whole cast dressed, of course, in formalwear.  After all, Prince Harry himself even made an appearance on the red carpet.  The film stars a mixed cast of both rising and established British actors.  It was an interesting opportunity to for each member of the ensemble cast to express their personality and style on the red carpet.  Notably, the cast included famously stylish men such as Harry Styles, Tom Hardy and Barry Keoghan.  It was, therefore, an excellent display of various modern takes on men’s formalwear.  Here, Milk Shirts analyses the choices of formalwear from each cast member at the Dunkirk premieres in London and New York.

Fionn Whitehead – As the star newcomer of the film and the main protagonist in Dunkirk, Fionn Whitehead could have chosen a safe plain suit for his appearance on the red carpet for his first major blockbuster film, but we’re glad he didn’t.  While we might have been expecting a standard black suit and white shirt look from him, he instead turned up in an immaculately fitted checkered three-piece, anchored by a classic white shirt.  We think it’s an excellent choice for a modern formal look.

Tom Hardy – Tom Hardy has never been one to shy away from a style statement and he certainly made a big one at the Dunkirk premiere in London in this textured three-piece suit.  As if that was not enough, he opted as well for a contrast rounded club-collar instead of the usual pointed collar […]

How To: Tailor Your Perfect Shirt

By |June 22nd, 2017|

At Milk Shirts, we specialise in tailor-made men’s shirts, so we know everything there is to know about the men’s tailored shirting business. However, we appreciate that not every guy does.  So often we have men come to us without really knowing what they want from their tailor-made shirt.  Every trip to the tailor can be a daunting one, especially when confronted with questions such as “Do you prefer a a split collar? A club collar?”  “Would you like a pleated yoke?”  “How about spalla con grinze?”  “Would you prefer pique or twill?”  If you don’t speak the tailor’s jargon, it can be a thoroughly intimidating and overwhelming experience.  We’re a big believer in doing your research and coming up with an action plan before going to the tailor.  Otherwise, when confronted with the overwhelming choice of endless customization, you can get lost in the moment and end up coming out with a shirt that is overcomplicated and not at all done in your taste.  Here are some of our top things to consider before you next head to the tailor to get a shirt made.

#1. Fabric: Every tailored shirt should start with making a decision about what fabric you’d like, as the type of fabric you choose may dictate whether you go for a more casual style, a more formal style or something in between.  Oxford fabrics are usually considered to be more casual, while piques are on the more formal end.  Most dress shirts are done in a twill or herringbone weave.  If you’re not great at visualizing the final product, ask your tailor to drape the fabric over your shoulder so that you get a sense if you like the color, pattern […]

7 Ways to How to Wear: Summer Navy

By |May 4th, 2017|

Navy blue is one of the go-to colours in our wardrobe.  It’s a year-round favourite that can be worn in countless different ways.  Lately, however, we’ve noticed how men seem to get their summer navy looks all wrong, sticking too much to winter wardrobe dressing habits.  Navies can and should indeed be worn all year long, regardless of the season, however there are different ways to wear your favorite navy pieces in the summer and the winter.  Here are some of our go-to navy looks for summer to get you inspired to wear your navy pieces differently this season.

1. The Italian Way – We call this the ‘Italian way’ because, if you’ve ever been to Italy in the summer, you’d know how Italian men have an affinity for white trousers paired with colored tops.  One of our favorite colors to wear with white trousers is, of course, navy blue.  It’s a classic look with a nautical touch, particularly if worn with a striped shirt and topsider shoes.  Alternatively, worn with a linen shirt and suede loafers, it’s a sophisticated yet comfortable look to keep you stylish in the summer heat.

2. Just Add Florals – One easy way to add a summery touch to the dark palette of navy blue is to complement it with some floral accessories.  A floral tie, floral pocket square or even a floral motif lapel pin are all excellent ways to give your favorite navy suit some summer longevity.

3. Yes!  A 3-Piece!  Contrary to popular belief, you can indeed wear a three-piece suit in the summer without passing out in the heat.  Simply look for a suit that is made from cotton instead of wool.  For added comfort in the heat, opt […]

Style Inspiration from Contemporary Male Artists

By |March 21st, 2017|

The annual Art Basel show kicks off this week in Hong Kong before it heads to Miami and Basel later this year.  With much of the art world abuzz with the start of the iconic show, we’ve turned our attentions recently to contemporary artists and have been intrigued by their work as well as their style.  From the Basquiat to Hirst to Chagall, these artists have created some of the most influential pieces of art in the last century; and their style is just as diverse as their approach to art.

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The renowned New York graffiti artist has never been one to conform to the usual norms of society.  As one of the first artists who popularised contemporary graffiti art, Basquait rose to fame in the late-70’s, when hip-hop, punk and art collided in truly electrifying ways.  Much like his non-conformist art, Basquiat frequently broke the rules when it came to style, as is attested in this portrait of the artist.  Peruse Basquiat’s prolific works of art and get in the mood to break some of your own style rules.

Kehinde Wiley: As one of today’s most respected living artists, Wiley’s work focuses on the use of colour and graphics, bringing together the worlds of art and graphic design.  Much like his art, Wiley’s style also frequently features strong repetitive motifs in bright colours, in the form of embroidered jackets and patterned shirts.

Ryan McGinley: As one of our generation’s most iconic art photographers, McGinley has been praised for his exploration of the relationship between humanity and the world around us, through his work which was first exhibited at the Whitney Museum at the tender young age of just 25. As the young maverick of the photography […]

Black Tie, According to the 2017 Oscars

By |February 28th, 2017|

What does it mean to wear black-tie in today’s day and age?  We take a look at the latest trends in formalwear through the lens of the 2017 Oscars red carpet.  It is arguably Hollywood most fashionable evening, with all the biggest stars turning out in their finest, so it’s an excellent time to gauge the trends in modern black-tie wear.  While some opted for more classic, timeless styles, others took bigger risks.  From slim-fit classics, to double-breasted old-world styles, to ruffled shirts, the style at this year’s Oscars was far from boring.  Here are our top modern black-tie trends from the 2017 Oscars for you to get inspired by this year.

Timeless Tux

Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the 2017 Oscars, opted for a pretty classic black three-piece tuxedo, with a peaked lapel.  His look was timeless, fail-proof and sophisticated.  It would have been almost immaculate if it weren’t for just one thing: we wished he had kept his jacket buttoned for his opening.  It would have made for a cleaner look.  Nevertheless, if you’re looking for some timeless black tie inspiration, look no further than Mr. Kimmel.

Throwback Tux

Michael Shannon gave us a slightly more old-school vibe in his Tom Ford double-breasted tuxedo.  The double-breasted suit is a great option for a guy who wants a sturdier, stronger look on the red carpet.  With so many men opting for single-breasted tuxedos these days, you’ll be sure to stand out (in a good way) in a double-breasted option.  The addition of the red lapel flower also gave it a nice 20’s-inspired look (a small nod to his career-making role in the 1920’s-set Boardwalk Empire, perhaps?).

The Dinner Jacket

Dev Patel in Burberry shows us how to pull off a dinner jacket at […]

6 Wardrobe (And Date) Ideas this Valentine’s Day

By |February 7th, 2017|

Whether you’ve just recently met or have been together for decades, Valentine’s Day is a nice way to let your partner know that you love them and that you are happy to have them in your life.  We believe in letting your partner know this every day (not just on Valentine’s Day), but that doesn’t mean you can’t also give them a little reminder and show them how much appreciate their love this February 14th.  If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do as well as what to wear this Valentine’s Day, here are six date and wardrobe ideas for you to share with your loved one this year.

1. Dinner at Home

If you’re stellar in the kitchen, then invite your partner over for dinner and whip up an incredible meal.  The effort you put in is sure to impress, and you’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company from the comfort of home, without the stress of other couples’ eyes on you at a restaurant.  Make your partner feel at home by dressing in a look that’s both stylish and comfortable.  A fitted long-sleeve tee or knit top with a pair of looser-fitting trousers are sure to set the tone for an excellent night in.


2. A Night Out After Work

We all work and have busy lives, but that’s no excuse to not celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one.  If you’re coming straight from work (after all, Valentines Day 2017 does fall on a Tuesday), try not to arrive at your date in your full work look. Swap out your tie for something a bit more festive, such as a bow-tie, to show you’ve made some effort, even though you may not have had the time to head home and change […]

The 6 Sartorial Accessories You Need to Finish Your Look

By |November 5th, 2016|

By now, we’re hoping you all have a few classic shirts and well-tailored suits in your repertoire (if not, it’s time you did).  One question we get a lot these days is, now that you’ve got the basics covered, how can you keep reinventing these classic pieces in fresh new ways?  The easiest way to do this is with accessories.  Aside from your typical selection of ties, belts and shoes, there are so many other accessories with which to change up your look.  From pocket squares to tie bars to cufflinks to lapel pins, these accessories will easily add flare to your look, no matter what the occasion. They will instantly transform your classic suit-and-shirt combination every time.

1. Pocket Square: Appropriate for work, for dinners, for black-tie events, for cocktails, etc., the pocket square is the most versatile accessory on this list.  Available in a myriad of patterns, fabrics and textures, it’s easy to find a pocket square to suit pretty much any occasion.  You can also fold them in countless different ways so that they look different and feel fresh each time.

2. Lapel Pin: A lapel pin is a great accessory for a black-tie or formal event, especially if in a floral motif; a great addition to any tuxedo or formal suit.  Alternatively, you can also find a selection of whimsical lapel pins available these days, to add your own personal spin to your everyday wardrobe.

3. Collar Pin: A great accessory for work, the collar pin was designed to push your tie knot up and out, in order to give it better shape.  The pin sits beneath the knot of a tie, giving it a platform to rest on, pushing it outward just a little […]

The Six Secrets of A Well-Fit Suit

By |October 17th, 2016|

We often speak here about how important it is to get your suits and shirts altered.  Nothing fits perfectly off the rack.  That’s why we personally prefer to go as custom-made as possible.  However, if you have to buy off the rack and you have to get things altered, do you know what exactly to look for when doing a fitting at your tailor?  Many people buy a suit off the rack, understand that it doesn’t fit perfectly (though they are often not exactly sure why it doesn’t fit properly), head to the tailor and leave themselves in their tailor’s hands.  Not all tailors are created equal!  Some have generation-after-generation’s worth of knowledge passed down through their families; in these cases, it’s safe to say you can be left in their hands. Others perhaps run a tight ship and don’t have time for your pesky questions and naivety.  So, here today, we’re giving away 6 secret tips to help you make your next trip to the tailor for an alteration a truly successful one.


Your Suit Sleeve

#1. With your arms resting by your side, your suit sleeve should never cover your shirt sleeve cuff completely.  Leave 2cm-4cm visible.

#2. To make sure that one suit sleeve is not longer than the other, bend your elbow and lift it slightly, form a ‘thumbs’ up with your hand and check the distance between the base of the joint of your thumb and the end of your suit sleeve.  The same amount of shirt sleeve should be visible under your suit jacket on both sides.


Your Suit

#3. Never fasten the last button during your fitting.  When people try on a jacket, they automatically seem to button up all the buttons, this is wrong. The […]

How to Choose the Right Outwear

By |September 27th, 2016|

As the temperature drops, we’re pulling out more and more of our winter pieces, as our summer staples get relegated to the back of the closet.  Among those pieces we’re digging out of remission are outerwear.  One question we get asked a lot these days is, “What kind of outerwear is most suitable for me?”  With so many different options available to the modern man, it can be difficult to hone in on pieces that are better suited to your style and lifestyle.  Investing in a few quality pieces of outerwear are crucial to you getting through the winter months in style.  Good quality outerwear should last you through many winters, so investing in the right styles to suit your tastes and lifestyle is an important sartorial decision. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite outerwear choices below.

The Trench Coat – A timeless classic, the trench coat is suitable for men of practically all styles and lifestyles.  Wear it with everything from your work suit to jeans and a sweater on the weekend.

Best for: Climates that suffer from a wet season, coupled with cold weather.

The Camel Coat – The camel coat is another perennial favourite; it’s a classic style that pairs particularly well with men of olive to dark colouring. Wear it over your work suit from Monday-Friday and layer it over your favourite casual wear on the weekend.

Best for: Due to their light colour, a camel coat is best suited for men who take good care of their clothes and aren’t particularly messy.

The Classic Coat – The classic black overcoat is a wardrobe workhorse that you will be able to wear for seasons to come.  It’s a no-brainer style choice that will never go out […]

5 Ways to Make Your Summer Style Last Into Autumn

By |August 25th, 2016|

We’re well into the month of August now, which sadly means summer will soon be coming to an end.  While summers are all about time spent in the sun by the beach, in the great outdoors or passing the time in the good company of family and friends, it’s also about an upbeat sense of style. Summer beckons lighter colours, pastels, florals, paisleys and linens.  Once you get into the habit of wearing these pieces, it can be difficult to give them up.  That’s why we’ve come up with 5 easy ways for you to make your summer style last into autumn.  Get more wear out of your favourite summer looks by following these 5 simple tips.  It’s guaranteed to help you make that effortless summer carefree feeling last a few extra weeks and, of course, get more bang for your buck from your summer wardrobe.

#1 Rethink Your Pastels: Think pastels are just for summer?  Think again.  Get more wear out of your summery pastel suit by layering it under thicker winter jackets and overcoats in the cooler months.  You’ll be sure to stand out with your sophisticated pastel style in a sea of grey of black.

#2 Repurpose Your Accessories: Make those summer paisleys and watercolour accessories work for winter buy investing in a wool suit which echoes those summer tones.  Anchor your look with a classic white shirt.

#3 Just Add Layers: Simply select a look you love this summer and add an additional layer in between your shirt and your blazer for added warmth.  Try a thin puffer vest for a modern look with an urban twist, or add a knit sweater or cardigan for a more classic look.

#4 Make Your Scarf Work Double-Time: A […]