Classic Pieces to Own at Any Age

By |October 4th, 2018|

One thing that we here at Milk Shirts embrace the most about style is that it’s something that doesn’t get lost with age.  In fact, it’s one thing that can often improve as the years go by, so long as you continue to find joy in dressing and really learn to appreciate the little details that make clothes so interesting.  Having said that, the same can be said at any age.  A young man can be just as well put-together as a senior.  And so, at its truest form, style really knows no age; it does not discriminate.  We can equally admire the style of G. Bruce Boyer (born in the 40’s) as we can admire the style of Brian Sacawa (born in the 70’s) as we can revel in the style of Timothée Chalamet (born in the 90’s).  When it comes down to it, the key element of men’s style really lies in the fit; there is no better way to look like a million dollars than to invest in a well-fitted shirt and a well-cut suit.  There are, however, some particular items that simply never seem to go out of style; we’ve rounded them up for you, so that you have a guide for what to spend dollars on now, to keep you looking stylish for years to come.

The Navy Suit

Why a navy suit?  It’s the one suit that truly knows no season; it can equally be worn in summer with a thinner white poplin shirt, as it can be worn in the winter, with a heavy camel overcoat layered on top.  It’s also a more cheerful colour than your standard black or grey, while still remaining a perennial classic.  Finally, it pairs very well with other classic colours, such as […]

The New Rules for Tuxedo Shirts in 2018

By |August 20th, 2018|

It’s 2018, and although some of the rules of formal dressing have remained the same, much has also changed, thanks to some who are shaking things up and modernising this traditional state of dress.  Though the terms “black tie” and “white tie” are certainly still regularly used to dictate dress codes, some stylish men have been putting their own twist on these style rules, and giving them a modern update.  From decisions about plackets (traditionally concealed), collars (traditionally winged), bibs (traditionally pleated), cuffs (traditionally French) and more, here, Milk Shirts rounds up 4 new approaches to formal tuxedo dressing in 2018.

The Minimalist

Traditional tuxedo shirts had pleated bib-fronts, stiff wing collars, a concealed placket and double cuffs; these four elements combined are almost guaranteed to result in the wearer feeling a bit uncomfortable.  These days, tuxedo shirts have been stripped back to a much more minimalist style.  Our ‘Prague’ Shirt features a neat plain bib-front, concealed placket, a narrow spread collar and convertible cuffs.  It’s an excellent choice if you want to experiment with a cleaner, more modern tuxedo look, while remaining perfectly respectful of either a black or white tie dress code.  Wear it with a classic black shawl collar tuxedo.


The Pattern Play

If minimalism isn’t for you, then we suggest looking for a modern formal shirt with a bit of pattern play.  These shirts typically feature other modern stylings, such as a slimmer spread collar, perfect for adding a more modern slim bowtie instead of the traditional ostentatious butterfly style.  Our ‘Saigon’ Shirt is done in a mini-dot poplin fabric to give it a modern textural twist.  With its concealed placket and convertible cuffs, it’s also just classic enough to get away with for a formal black or white tie event.  Style it with a […]

The 5 Shirts Every Man Needs During the Summer

By |August 7th, 2018|

Whenever summer comes around, we always say that the best way to look put together despite the summer heat is to stick to nice, well-cut classic shirts.  However, lots of guys complain that wearing a shirt in the summer can sometimes be ‘too hot’ and that they would rather wear tees instead.  Well, we’re here to tell you that you’ve simply be wearing the wrong shirts, friends!  The key is all in the fabric.  Here, we’ve rounded up five of the must-have shirt styles every man needs to get himself through the summer in style.

The Cotton Poplin – If there’s one work shirt you have to have in your summer wardrobe rotation, it’s a classic white poplin shirt, such as our ‘Zurich’ style.  By design, poplin fabric is a lightweight and very breathable style, making it perfect for summer wear.  Chances are, those photos you seen of sophisticated men looking stylish and comfortable in a suit in the height of summer were of them wearing a poplin shirt.  Do yourself a favor and get a couple made now.


The Linen Work Shirt – Depending on your industry, if you work in an office that is a bit more relaxed, you can absolutely get away with wearing a linen shirt to work in the summer.  Make sure you opt for linens that are a bit thicker and sturdier, with a tighter weave; this makes them crisper and more substantial, therefore making them more appropriate for the workplace.  Wear it with a cotton or linen blazer and lightweight cotton chinos and you’re good to go to work.


The Casual Linen Shirt – If your work doesn’t let you wear linen to the office during the week, then make sure you invest […]

What to Wear for Your Corporate Headshot

By |June 27th, 2018|

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is, “What should I wear for my corporate head shot?”  With the increased importance of having a strong LinkedIn profile for business partners and headhunters to find you, and the greater emphasis that customers have of putting a face to a name that they are dealing with in business these days, it’s now more important than ever before to have a strong corporate head shot.  And with that, of course, comes the dilemma of what to wear.  There is the question of whether to look as formal as possible or to dress down in a more relaxed yet still professional way; there is the quandary of whether to go basic or to add a touch of personal flair to show your style; there is the headache of figuring out if you should wear a tie or not.  There is no ‘right’ answer to any of these questions, and the solution really lies in the industry in which you work, the level of job you have, how you want to be perceived and what types of leads you want to generate from your headshot.  Below, we give you some of our tips on how to dress for your corporate headshot.

This shot of actor Clive Owen by GQ, to us, is a great reference to use as a corporate headshot, in terms of everything from style to body language to expression.  Starting with style, Mr. Owen has selected a classic, yet impeccably fit blue suit.  This is a great choice, because a bit of color is always nice in a headshot, as most people tend to go with black, and the blue is still classic enough that it would not scare off any […]

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    How Prince Harry’s Wedding Will Influence Menswear in the Future

How Prince Harry’s Wedding Will Influence Menswear in the Future

By |May 30th, 2018|

Though much has been made of Meghan Markle’s dress when she married Prince Harry earlier this month, not much has been discussed of Prince Harry’s sartorial choices.  By welcoming the modern American Markle into the Royal family, they have truly ushered in a new era; one where modernity and simplicity are favoured over traditionalism and decoration.  And, make no mistake, the sartorial choices made by Prince Harry throughout both the engagement and wedding process will undoubtedly influence the choices of other men all over the world.   For the wedding dress code, they requested that men wear a ‘morning suit or lounge suit’, a slightly less formal dress code than what might have been expected for a royal wedding, but appropriate for a daytime event.  If you’re wondering what a ‘morning suit’ is, it consists of a tailcoat, waistcoat and trousers all made from the same material, while a ‘lounge suit’ is simply a matching jacket and trousers.  Here, we take a look at Prince Harry’s sartorial choices and how they will influence the future of menswear.

The Engagement – For their engagement announcement and photos, Prince Harry opted for a more casual slim light-blue suit, paired with a classic crisp white shirt (similar here) and finished off with an understated slim navy tie.  This differs from his elder brother’s choice of a more conservative navy suit in a regular fit, accessorised with a more showy purple silk tie and white pocket square.  He also wore the same suit for both the announcement and the official portrait shots.  Proving that a nice suit should be worn on more than on occasion, no matter how special.

The Ceremony – Her Majesty The Queen gave Prince Harry her blessing to wear his single-breasted black frockcoat military […]

How to Wear: Tonal Menswear

By |April 9th, 2018|

In recent months, we’ve noticed an influx of tonal-based looks photographed on men at Pitti Uomo and on the streets of New York, London, Paris and Milan.  Whereas in the past, we’ve seen lots of colorful looks, mixing different tones, lately the trend has been towards a more head-to-toe tonal look.  Though it may seem easy to pull off, it isn’t as simple as just dressing head-to-toe in one color; introducing texture and pattern is key to giving your look depth and interest, preventing it from look too flat.  Here are some of our top tonal picks to get you inspired to try sporting one color from head-to-toe this year.


All Beige Everything – beige is one of the easiest tones to wear in a tonal look.  There are so many shades of beige to choose from; you can go for tan, cream, sand, beige or even brown.  It’s an excellent choice for a smart casual look, as seen here, and can likely be created from existing pieces in your wardrobe: a pair of classic cream trousers, a beige jacket and a brown shirt, tee or polo.  Select a jacket in a textured fabric to give your look more interest.  Finish off with a pair of brown suede loafers.

Classic Blue – if you’re a classic guy who still wants to look on-trend, try an all-blue look.  You can go for a minimalist style, such as this stylish Japanese gentleman, but if you do remember fit is paramount here.  When working with simple pieces, it’s important that they are fit impeccably in order to really create a stylish overall feeling.  Pair your favorite blue suit with a sky blue shirt and navy tie.  Add a white pocket square […]

Sustainable Manufacturing in Menswear

By |April 9th, 2018|

A lot is being said these days about waste, consumption and sustainability, particularly in the industry of fashion.  With documentaries such as The True Cost being released and articles being written that proclaim fashion to be the second most polluting industry in the world (second only to oil), it’s important that we all wake up and start having more of these conversations, which will hopefully alter people’s consumption patterns and attitude towards fast-fashion.  Here at Milk Shirts, in a way, you could say that we are anti-fast fashion; we hold no stock since everything is made to order, we dump zero inventory since we have nothing ‘left over’ at the end of a season, we manufacture sustainably with our in-house tailors, and produce timeless classic styles with a meticulous attention to craftsmanship to ensure our shirts are made to last.

Having your clothes tailored means that they fit you as best as possible, resulting in the likelihood that you will wear it more often than something bought off the rack.  We are (obviously) big believers in the tailor-made model, but we understand that not everybody can get things tailored.  If you’re unable to do so, then make sure to invest in classic timeless pieces, that you will be more likely to wear for a longer period of time, instead of something trendy that you may only wear once or twice before moving on.

A recent survey revealed that many men living in first-world countries often throw out clothing after wearing it only once.  This is shocking behaviour and is supremely bad for the environment.  These men are likely throwing away clothes after just one wear for several reasons: 1. it’s a trendy item that they feel they can only wear once or 2. […]

8 Trends from Pitti Uomo 2018

By |January 30th, 2018|

Pitti Uomo is always an excellent time to gauge where men’s fashion is headed for the next few seasons.  This year, the preeminent men’s fashion event definitely did not disappointment when it came to delivering exciting, yet wearable, trends for the coming months.  As Pitti is held in Florence, arguably the men’s tailoring capital of the world, the looks do typically skew on the tailored side, though the men who attend this event never fail to come up with interesting and modern ways to wear a classic suit.  Here, we’ve rounded up 8 of our top trends to come out of Pitti Uomo 2018; from cropped winter trousers to wine-colored suits, we’ve got all your questions about upcoming trends in men’s fashion covered.

Overcoats &  Cropped Trousers – Though the cropped trousers look has been in style for a while now, it’s usually reserved for the warmer months.  This year at Pitti Uomo, however, we’ve seen more of it worn in the cold (paired with socks) with an overcoat.  Though most paired these cropped trousers with socks, a brave few bared their ankles in the cold.


Wine Tones – A rich reddish purple wine tone is an excellent way to add some sophisticated color to your winter wardrobe.  Wether it’s a wine colored suit or a wine-toned overcoat, it’s rich color which immediately exudes luxury.


The New Three-Piece – Three-piece suits have been popular for many years, of course, but this year in particular we’ve seen a lot of interesting three-piece ensembles pop up at Pitti.  Gone is a the solid plain navy three-piece; in its place, checkers, bold stripes and mix-matched pieces.  Paired with a classic, plain white or blue shirt, this is an excellent choice to consider […]

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    The Men Who Went #AllBlackEverything at the 2018 Golden Globes

The Men Who Went #AllBlackEverything at the 2018 Golden Globes

By |January 10th, 2018|

2018’s Golden Globes were a history-making affair, in many ways.  It was the first time the Cecil B. DeMille was awarded to a black woman, it was the first time an Asian-American actor won an award for Best Actor in a TV Series – Musical or Comedy, it was the first time the majority of its attendees banded together to wear all black in support of the #MeToo and #TimesUp initiatives.  It was an incredible evening and an excellent platform on which to raise awareness for the endemic gender discrimination that we face not just in Hollywood but in all industries all over the world.  Here at Milk Shirts, our own founder Sheetal Pritmani is female, working in the men’s tailoring business, which is largely dominated by men.  Causes such as these are of the utmost importance to us, so we would like to praise the men who chose to join the women on the red carpet in their #AllBlackEverything looks, in support of the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns for gender equality.  Here’s some #AllBlackEverything inspiration for you to get behind the cause, too.

Justin Timberlake – Mr. Timberlake went for a pretty classic #AllBlackEverything look, with a single button tuxedo, featuring a peaked lapel in a satin finish and a matching satin butterfly bowtie.

Chris Hemsworth – Thor himself chose a more fashion-forward approach in a tone-on-tone black paisley brocade suit.  He kept the rest of his look on the more subtle side, with an unbuttoned black tuxedo shirt, sans tie, achieving and overall more relaxed feel.  He finished things off with black velvet shoes, which we think is a nice touch.

Bill Pullman – Similar to Mr. Timberlake, Bill chose a more traditional tuxedo look, however his take on it featured a […]

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    How to Wear Ultra Violet, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018

How to Wear Ultra Violet, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018

By |December 13th, 2017|

Pantone has recently named Ultra Violet purple as their ‘Color of the Year’ for 2018.  It’s a bold color that’s usually reserved for accessories such as ties and pocket squares in menswear.  However, there are many other ways to wear the color on a shirt or even on a suit.  Here, Milk Shirts shows you 10 ways to wear Pantone’s 2018 ‘Color of the Year’, Ultra Violet.

#1: The purple suit – wear it with a white shirt and black tie, to keep it classic; don’t skimp on the confidence.

#2: The bold purple blazer – an ultra-violet blazer is an excellent way to wear the trend without being too bold.  Pair it with a classic white shirt and navy trousers.

#3: The plain purple shirt – for a more subtle nod to the trend, wear your navy suit with a purple shirt instead of the usual white or blue.  A nice way to wear the trend if you work in a conservative environment.

#4: The purple theme – for the bold sartorialist, go for a full ultra-violet theme by selecting some solid purple pieces and other pieces with purple accents.  Anchor the look with a classic white shirt.

#5: The purple tuxedo – why not try a purple tuxedo for your next formal event, instead of the usual black?  It’s a formal color that lends itself well to the tuxedo look. Pair it with a modern tuxedo shirt.

#6: All purple everything – swap out #AllBlackEverything for #AllPurpleEverything this 2018 by selecting pieces in different shades of purple to give your look dimension; pick larger pieces that err on the side of blue for a more classic look.

#7: The purple striped contrast collar shirt – choose a ultra-violet striped fabric instead of the classic navy blue.  Pair it with a paisley tie for a […]