10 Reasons Why You Should Wear Color This Winter

By |January 10th, 2019|

Walk down practically any busy city street in the winter and you’ll see yourself engulfed in a sea of black, charcoal and, if you’re lucky,just a touch of navy blue.  It can be a deeply depressing sight; particularly when the mercury drops, the wind howls and the skies seem stuck in a perpetual cloud of grey.  That’s why we’re taking it upon ourselves to get more men wearing color this winter.  Why not add a glimmer of color (and hope) in the swarm of black and grey downtown?  A bit of brighter color is an instantaneous pick-me-up; it’s sure to get you noticed and immediately put anyone you come across in a brighter mood.  Think your corporate job won’t let you get away with a bit of color?  Think again.  There are so many ways to introduce a bit of color into your winter work wardrobe, while still remaining thoroughly professional.  Here are 10 reasons why you should wear color this winter, from us at Milk Shirts.

#1 White is A Color: You don’t have to reach for the crazy colors pile to add color to your look this winter.  Don’t forget, white is a color, too!  As are cream and beige and the whole ‘white’ spectrum.  A lighter color palette is immediately much more refreshing than depressing greys and blacks.  Try a look done in white, tan and ice-grey, instead of the usual dark and dreary suspects.


#2 It The Perfect Accent Piece: Introducing a bit of color to your look can be as simple as just adding a colorful scarf or pocket square to your otherwise monochromatic get up.  A colorful, textured scarf or pocket square are the perfect accent piece for winter.  And if you work in a seriously […]