One thing that we here at Milk Shirts embrace the most about style is that it’s something that doesn’t get lost with age.  In fact, it’s one thing that can often improve as the years go by, so long as you continue to find joy in dressing and really learn to appreciate the little details that make clothes so interesting.  Having said that, the same can be said at any age.  A young man can be just as well put-together as a senior.  And so, at its truest form, style really knows no age; it does not discriminate.  We can equally admire the style of G. Bruce Boyer (born in the 40’s) as we can admire the style of Brian Sacawa (born in the 70’s) as we can revel in the style of Timothée Chalamet (born in the 90’s).  When it comes down to it, the key element of men’s style really lies in the fit; there is no better way to look like a million dollars than to invest in a well-fitted shirt and a well-cut suit.  There are, however, some particular items that simply never seem to go out of style; we’ve rounded them up for you, so that you have a guide for what to spend dollars on now, to keep you looking stylish for years to come.

The Navy Suit


Why a navy suit?  It’s the one suit that truly knows no season; it can equally be worn in summer with a thinner white poplin shirt, as it can be worn in the winter, with a heavy camel overcoat layered on top.  It’s also a more cheerful colour than your standard black or grey, while still remaining a perennial classic.  Finally, it pairs very well with other classic colours, such as brown leathers or a bolder pink or purple shirt.  A navy suit can also be picked apart to be worn formally as a whole suit or worn just as a blazer for a more casual look.  If you’re a young man considering the purchase of your first suit, navy is an excellent choice.


The Overcoat


An overcoat is a cold weather essential; it not only looks stylish layered over a suit for work or a sweater on the weekend, it’s also essential in keeping you warm throughout the winter months.  A camel overcoat in a wool or cashmere is our go-to pick.  It’s different from the sea of black or grey overcoats you usually see, but pairs very well with all your traditional suit colours of black, grey, navy and brown, particularly when paired with a classic white shirt.  It’s also a colour that looks great on all ages, from a young man starting off as a fresh new executive, to an older gentleman running the firm. Particularly for older men, we recommend going for lighter colours and avoiding black or grey, as they tend to lend a touch of youthfulness to your look.


The Tweed Jacket


A traditional English staple, we at Milk Shirts truly believe that tweed has an important place in every man’s wardrobe.  Historically worn as hunting or shooting attire in cold, wet Scotland and Ireland, tweeds have a long-held reputation for their sturdiness, comfort and warmth.  These days, tweed has made its way out of the Scottish highlands and into the popular mainstream, though it is still regarded a thoroughly English material.  A tweed jacket is an excellent choice for smart-casual gatherings, from the fall through the winter.  Layer one over your go-to shirt, pull on your cotton chinos and finish off your look with suede shoes.  The inherent durability of the tweed material means that investing in a well-made tweed jacket will certainly last you decades to come.


The White Shirt


We think it pretty much goes without saying that the humble white shirt has undoubted got to make this list; it’s the foundation item in every man’s wardrobe, upon which you can build countless different looks.  The white shirt itself, however, can also make a statement, just as Timothée Chalamet demonstrated at the Oscars.  His simple, stark-white, tab collar, open placket white shirt, worn buttoned up and tieless, under a slim green suit was a sartorial awakening.  The simplicity of the white shirt, paired with the louder green suit, made the overall look feel so much more at ease, so much more natural, so nonchalant, even.  Had he gone for blue or black or striped or any other material, the effect simply would not have been the same.  A white shirt is your forever fail-proof option and we encourage you to invest in a wardrobe of different white shirt styles.


The Unstructured Jacket


“What is an unstructured jacket?” is a question we often get.  Quite simply put, it’s a jacket without much of the usual internal structural lining, which results in a much more relaxed, easy, ‘unstructured’ look.  Typically, it means that the jackets are only half-lined (that is, the body portion of the jacket is not lined, only the sleeves) and they are recommended for a more smart-casual look.  We have included this item in our list because it’s a great item for Casual Friday’s, weekend brunches with your family and even some more casual weddings.  They pair well with everything from T-shirts to polos to collard shirts, so they are a truly versatile item.  Invest in one in a navy blue or beige, as these two colors pair most easily with others.


The Cotton Trousers


Finally, the cotton trouser is our last item on this list.  There are so many different cotton trouser styles to choose from, but we would believe the most versatile of them all is the cotton chino.  You can iron a crisp pleat down the middle of them and roll the cuffs up, as per Mr. Sacawa above for a more dressy look paired with a polo and sports coat, or you can also wear them more casually with a sweater and sneakers.  Beige cotton chinos are our most worn trousers in our repertoire, since the color goes well with anything, really.  Our favorite way to wear them is cuffed at the ankle and paired with a loafer on the weekend; opt for a smart shirt if you’ve got a smart-casual appointment or go for a polo if you’re in relaxation mode.