We’ve all probably invested more than a few dollars into a few nice suits.  Most of us probably wear our suits in pretty much the same way every day: to work, with a nice cotton shirt and a silk tie.  However, there are so many more ways that you can wear your suit, to get the most out of it. Particularly if you’re spending a good deal of money on a suit that’s tailor-made in a nice fabric, it’s good to know that there are many different ways in which you can create a look that feels fresh and different each time.  Here are some of MILK Shirts‘ favorite ways to wear the different elements of your suit.


As Was Intended: Of course, the simplest way to wear your suit is as it was intended to be worn; as a set, with a shirt and probably a tie, as well. Of course, there are many different variations you can play with already here, in terms of what type of shirt to wear, what kind of tie (if a tie at all), what kind of pocket square, the list goes on.  We would recommend investing in at least one three-piece suit, which can, in itself, give you more variations to style as well (with or without the vest, with or without the jacket, etc).


Sweater Weather: When the weather cools down, you might consider layering a knit sweater with your suit trousers, over your shirt.  Depending on your work environment, you can choose to either wear the suit jacket or leave it at home.  If your work requires a more conservative, formal look, we would recommend keeping the jacket.  Otherwise, feel free to wear the sweater with a classic white shirt and your suit trousers only.


Blazer & Chinos: The alternative to only wearing your suit trousers is to only wear the suit jacket.  One classic, easy way to wear this look is with a pair of beige chinos.  Paired with a navy suit jacket and a nice cotton shirt, it makes for a great smart casual look on the weekend.


Throw On Your Overcoat: When the weather really cools down, feel free to layer an overcoat on top of your suit.  This is a great layered look that is stylish and sophisticated in the winter months, when staying warm while maintaining a look that’s well put together can sometimes be a challenge.


Layered Prints: This is a nice look for the weekend, if you have a smart casual event to attend, such as an afternoon wedding.  Swap your usual classic white shirt out for a printed style instead.  You can feel free to leave the tie at home for this look, as the pattern of the shirt should be enough of a statement to make your look pop.


Get Short: In the summer months, we do sometimes like to swap our suit trousers out for shorts and our button down shirt out for a jersey tee on the weekends.  It’s a stylish, cool look that still feels put together.  Make sure you select shorts that are made from a nice cotton or wool blend and that they are a slim fit style (not skinny, not baggy) in order to make this look work.  Top it off with plimsoles, topsiders or loafers for a great weekend look.


Wear the Pants: If you’ve got a patterned suit in, for example, a checkered fabric, the suit trousers can look great alone, paired with a plain blazer and a timeless white shirt to anchor your look.


Work Your Denim: If you wear denim, the suit jacket from a slim fit suit can look great when paired with your favorite jeans on the weekend.  We think it’s nice to pair this look with leather boots instead of sneakers, to give it a slightly more dressed-up feel that goes well with the sophistication of a suit jacket.