As the temperature drops, we’re pulling out more and more of our winter pieces, as our summer staples get relegated to the back of the closet.  Among those pieces we’re digging out of remission are outerwear.  One question we get asked a lot these days is, “What kind of outerwear is most suitable for me?”  With so many different options available to the modern man, it can be difficult to hone in on pieces that are better suited to your style and lifestyle.  Investing in a few quality pieces of outerwear are crucial to you getting through the winter months in style.  Good quality outerwear should last you through many winters, so investing in the right styles to suit your tastes and lifestyle is an important sartorial decision. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite outerwear choices below.


The Trench Coat – A timeless classic, the trench coat is suitable for men of practically all styles and lifestyles.  Wear it with everything from your work suit to jeans and a sweater on the weekend.

Best for: Climates that suffer from a wet season, coupled with cold weather.


The Camel Coat – The camel coat is another perennial favourite; it’s a classic style that pairs particularly well with men of olive to dark colouring. Wear it over your work suit from Monday-Friday and layer it over your favourite casual wear on the weekend.

Best for: Due to their light colour, a camel coat is best suited for men who take good care of their clothes and aren’t particularly messy.


The Classic Coat – The classic black overcoat is a wardrobe workhorse that you will be able to wear for seasons to come.  It’s a no-brainer style choice that will never go out of style.  It’s easy to match with just about everything in your wardrobe, but is particularly suitable for work and formal occasions.

Best for – Men who work in a traditional corporate environment, men who want an easy ‘goes-with-everything’ option that will never go out of style.


The Pea Coat – This shorter coat style is a great casual off-duty option for moderate winter climates.  Due to its shorter length, it is not suitable for very icy winters.  However, its shorter length does also lend itself to being a good option for men with more rugged, outdoor lifestyles where a longer coat may get in their way.

Best for – Moderate climates and rugged lifestyles.


The Textured Coat – A single-breasted coat in a textured cloth is a great way to add a bit of interest to what otherwise might be a dreary winter wardrobe.  If you’ve got a repertoire of plain black and simple grey suits that need some sprucing up in the winter months, layering a textured coat in a houndstooth, Prince of Wales check or pinstripe on top can make all the difference in creating a more stylish look.

Best for – A wardrobe which is largely plain and simple, making it easy to layer a textured coat on top.


The Double-Breasted Coat – A double-breasted coat not only creates a strong, powerful silhouette, it also has the added benefit of keeping you extra warm in the winter.

Best for – Men who favour a more European or Italian look.


The Leather Jacket – Another timeless outerwear choice, this time with a casual edge.  A weekend wardrobe staple, a sturdy leather jacket will get you through years of cold weather in style.  And, the best thing about a good quality leather jacket is that the more wear it gets, the better it looks.

Best for – Weekend motorcycle rides and men with rock-star style.


The Bomber Jacket – Though the bomber jacket style has been around for decades (it was first designed during World War I for fighter pilots), it has really come into its own in the past few years, with it being fully embraced by fashion industry insiders.  Redesigned in nylon, cotton, wool, leather and suede, there are many iterations of the bomber style that are suitable for men of all different styles.

Best for – A trendy weekend brunch/coffee/dinner/drink with your friends.


The Anorak – Several years ago, you might not have been caught dead in an anorak, so démodé were they.  The rise in popularity of ‘normcore’ style, however, has thoroughly solidified the anorak in contemporary fashion culture.  Pair it with other normcore staples, such as a heather grey sweatshirt, dark slim jeans and minimalist white leather sneakers.

Best for – Weekend getaways, minimalists, music festivals and trendy hipsters.