Dunkirk may be summer’s biggest blockbuster and Christopher Nolan’s greatest film.  The success of the film was, in large part, due to the impeccable performances from the wholly-British cast.  As a film of great significance to the British people, the premiere was an important affair, attended by the whole cast dressed, of course, in formalwear.  After all, Prince Harry himself even made an appearance on the red carpet.  The film stars a mixed cast of both rising and established British actors.  It was an interesting opportunity to for each member of the ensemble cast to express their personality and style on the red carpet.  Notably, the cast included famously stylish men such as Harry Styles, Tom Hardy and Barry Keoghan.  It was, therefore, an excellent display of various modern takes on men’s formalwear.  Here, Milk Shirts analyses the choices of formalwear from each cast member at the Dunkirk premieres in London and New York.

attends the 'Dunkirk' World Premiere at Odeon Leicester Square on July 13, 2017 in London, England.

Fionn Whitehead – As the star newcomer of the film and the main protagonist in Dunkirk, Fionn Whitehead could have chosen a safe plain suit for his appearance on the red carpet for his first major blockbuster film, but we’re glad he didn’t.  While we might have been expecting a standard black suit and white shirt look from him, he instead turned up in an immaculately fitted checkered three-piece, anchored by a classic white shirt.  We think it’s an excellent choice for a modern formal look.

World Premiere of 'Dunkirk' held at the Odeon Leicester Square - Arrivals Featuring: Tom Hardy, Charlotte Riley Where: London, United Kingdom When: 13 Jul 2017 Credit: Lexi Jones/WENN.com

Tom Hardy – Tom Hardy has never been one to shy away from a style statement and he certainly made a big one at the Dunkirk premiere in London in this textured three-piece suit.  As if that was not enough, he opted as well for a contrast rounded club-collar instead of the usual pointed collar that is favored these days, as well as a rich maroon hued tie.  Proof that machismo and style can (and, indeed, does) go hand-in-hand.


Harry Styles – Ever the arbiter of youthful style, Mr. Styles eschewed tradition and left his tie at home for the premiere, opting instead to keep things a bit more relaxed.  He ensured his look was still acceptable for the occasion by selecting a double-breasted suit style, lending an overall more sophisticated touch to his attire.  Of course, the rockstar in him lead him to select a pair of leather boots instead of the usual brogues or oxfords for the red carpet.


Jack Lowden – At the New York premiere, Mr. Lowden chose a thoroughly American look, in a charcoal pinstripe suit, crisp white shirt and silver tie that would not seem out of place on Wall Street.  Overall, it’s a safe yet stylish choice, with a little bit of a unique twist in the form of a cuffed trouser.  Overall, this would be an excellent choice for a formal work affair.


Cillian Murphy – Also opting for charcoal grey was Mr. Cillian Murphy, who selected a suit in a solid wool and paired it with other equally minimalist pieces.  It’s decidedly the simplest and most straight-forward look from the cast of Dunkirk, but one that we can appreciate nonetheless, particularly due to the choice of the light blue-grey shirt and navy tie.  This is formal minimalism at its best.


James D’Arcy – In yet another three-piece, Mr. D’Arcy cuts a clean stature in this grey suit with a peaked lapel.  The lapel style is a nice complement to his tall, lean frame.  Though, overall, we think this is a great choice for a formal occasion, we would have changed the black buttons out for brown and gone for a dark brown brogue instead, to give it a slightly more interesting and modern touch.


Barry Keoghan – As an ambassador for Dior, the young Barry Keoghan has already earned himself quite the reputation as a men’s style leader in recent years, along with his strong reputation as a rising young film star.  His choice of attire for the Dunkirk premiere was clearly one made by an astute student of style.  Selecting a slim black suit and a stiff, buttoned up white shirt with a concealed placket, sans tie, was an excellent choice, creating a look that felt modern yet still thoroughly formal.


Some of the cast of Dunkirk, with Christopher Nolan and his wife, at the Dunkirk premiere in London, each dressed in their own unique take on formalwear.


The cast of Dunkirk, in casual formal attire, at the film’s premiere in New York.