One thing that we get asked about a lot is how to wear shorts.  When the weather warms up, it’s all we seem to hear.  The main concern seems to be how to wear shorts while still maintaining a well put-together look and avoid appearing sloppy.  The key here is mostly in the fit and style of the short you choose.  In terms of length, it’s crucial when you wear shorts that you be able to see your knees; you don’t, however, want to expose too much thigh.  In general, a few inches is sufficient, however many European men in particular aren’t afraid to go a bit shorter.  If you’re going for a shorter style, it’s best to choose a fit that is slightly looser (but not baggy), whereas a slimmer fit looks best for a longer length.  In terms of how to wear them, we always say the safest bet is to pair it with a button-down shirt; this ensures that your look remains sophisticated, not sloppy.  Here are some great ways to wear shorts this summer.


Smart Casual: If you’re going for a smart casual look, choose a pair of shorts in a crisp tailored style and a slimmer fit.  Pair it with a smart button-down shirt and leather accessories, such as a nice pair of loafers.  We like the idea of our ‘Miami’ shirt paired with tailored shorts for brunch on the weekend.  However, it is not appropriate to wear shorts if the dress code requires that you wear pants–always remember to check.


Relaxed Casual: The most common way that men seem to want to wear shorts is in a more relaxed way, without looking messy.  The key here is to select a pair of slimmer fit shorts in a nice fabrication or texture (a subtle check or seersucker always works well).  Instead of pairing it with a plain tee, select something with a bit more style to it, such as a button-neck jersey style.  Paying attention to details such as these make all the difference.


With A Twist: If you’ve got a bolder style, try mixing an eclectic print short in with other wardrobe classics, such as a navy blazer, crisp shirt or suede loafers.  These cameo print shorts are given a more sophisticated look with the incorporation of more subtle, timeless pieces in solid hues.


Simple, Classic: One of the easiest ways to wear shorts in the summer is with a nice printed short-sleeve shirt.  The key to making sure you avoid looking sloppy is all in the fit an the fabric.  Select cotton fabrics with a bit of structure to them; a pair of plain shorts pairs well with a shirt in a classic print such as paisley, checks or stripes.


Some Color: Shorts are a great way to introduce some colour to your look.  Select a pair in a brigher color, such as yellow or red and then pair it back with neutrals such as white or cream and subtle classics such as navy.