In recent months, we’ve noticed an influx of tonal-based looks photographed on men at Pitti Uomo and on the streets of New York, London, Paris and Milan.  Whereas in the past, we’ve seen lots of colorful looks, mixing different tones, lately the trend has been towards a more head-to-toe tonal look.  Though it may seem easy to pull off, it isn’t as simple as just dressing head-to-toe in one color; introducing texture and pattern is key to giving your look depth and interest, preventing it from look too flat.  Here are some of our top tonal picks to get you inspired to try sporting one color from head-to-toe this year.



All Beige Everything – beige is one of the easiest tones to wear in a tonal look.  There are so many shades of beige to choose from; you can go for tan, cream, sand, beige or even brown.  It’s an excellent choice for a smart casual look, as seen here, and can likely be created from existing pieces in your wardrobe: a pair of classic cream trousers, a beige jacket and a brown shirt, tee or polo.  Select a jacket in a textured fabric to give your look more interest.  Finish off with a pair of brown suede loafers.


Classic Blue – if you’re a classic guy who still wants to look on-trend, try an all-blue look.  You can go for a minimalist style, such as this stylish Japanese gentleman, but if you do remember fit is paramount here.  When working with simple pieces, it’s important that they are fit impeccably in order to really create a stylish overall feeling.  Pair your favorite blue suit with a sky blue shirt and navy tie.  Add a white pocket square for a bit of contrast.  Finish off with brown shoes.


Tonal With Texture – these two guys show us how to do tonal looks with a bit of added texture, to help create depth in their look. The guy on the right has opted for a blue-grey look, pairing it with floral pieces to add a bit of personality and texture, while the guy on the right adds a polka dotted tie to his tonal grey look to avoid looking too flat.


Cool Dark Blues – a dark blue blue tonal look is an excellent cool yet sophisticated way to wear the trend.  Opting for a dark blue suit and pairing it with a navy suit and black tie, definitely achieves maximum-cool, particularly when paired with edgy sunglasses.


Winter Browns – browns are an excellent choice to work with for a tonal winter look, as many winter wool staples often come in brown, such as camel coats and double-breasted suits.  We like how this guy pairs his camel coat with a darker toned brown suit and patterned brown tie, anchoring everything with a classic white shirt, such as our herringbone textured ‘London’ style.  The brown wool fedora is an excellent final touch.


Summer Brown – brown is also a great choice for a tonal summer look as it’s pretty easy to find brown cotton suits available in the summer months.  Again, pair your brown suit with a patterned brown tie and anchor it with a classic white shirt, such as our wrinkle-free ‘Zurich’ style.  Finish things off with a straw Panama style had instead of a wool fedora.


Shades of Blue – when selecting a shade of blue to wear for your tonal look, make sure you choose the right shade for you.  Warmer skin tones are more suited for more saturated blues, while cooler skin tones are suitable for light blue hues.  Here are two winning blue looks paired on men of different styles, both wearing the tonal blue with excellent style.


White Out – another great option for summer the all-white look works particularly well in linens (try our ‘Rio de Janeiro‘ linen shirt), harking back to a very dapper 60’s-style Southern look, especially when worn as a three-piece suit and finished off with a straw boater hat.


All Black Everything – of course, perhaps the easiest way to wear the tonal look is as an #AllBlackEverything look.  We like it best worn in a minimalist Scandinavian-style look: a slim black cotton double-breasted suit, classic black slim-fit shirt, skinny black tie and, of course, classic black Wayfarers to tie everything together.  Best worn with a little bit of scruff.