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Style Inspiration from Contemporary Male Artists

The annual Art Basel show kicks off this week in Hong Kong before it heads to Miami and Basel later this year.  With much of the art world abuzz with the start of the […]

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Black Tie, According to the 2017 Oscars

What does it mean to wear black-tie in today’s day and age?  We take a look at the latest trends in formalwear through the lens of the 2017 Oscars red carpet.  It is arguably […]

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6 Wardrobe (And Date) Ideas this Valentine’s Day

Whether you’ve just recently met or have been together for decades, Valentine’s Day is a nice way to let your partner know that you love them and that you are happy to have them […]

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The 6 Sartorial Accessories You Need to Finish Your Look

By now, we’re hoping you all have a few classic shirts and well-tailored suits in your repertoire (if not, it’s time you did).  One question we get a lot these days is, now that you’ve […]

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The Six Secrets of A Well-Fit Suit

We often speak here about how important it is to get your suits and shirts altered.  Nothing fits perfectly off the rack.  That’s why we personally prefer to go as custom-made as possible.  However, if […]

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How to Choose the Right Outwear

As the temperature drops, we’re pulling out more and more of our winter pieces, as our summer staples get relegated to the back of the closet.  Among those pieces we’re digging out of remission […]

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5 Ways to Make Your Summer Style Last Into Autumn

We’re well into the month of August now, which sadly means summer will soon be coming to an end.  While summers are all about time spent in the sun by the beach, in the great […]

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Advanced Style: The Sartorial Senior European Gentleman

After years of being lucky enough to travel around the world to different continents, from North America and Asia to the Middle East and Australia, one thing is for sure: European men seem to have […]

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9 Easy Tips for Dressing Like An Italian Man This Summer

We’re not sure why but, each year when summer rolls around, we find ourselves drawn to the look of the sartorial men of Italy.  Perhaps it’s because of Pitti Uomo, the annual men’s fashion market which happens […]

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Best First Impression: The Job Interview

When it comes to advice on what to wear for a job interview, our response is the same no matter what the role you’re interviewing for: wear a suit.

Whether you’re interviewing for a job in […]

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Trend Watch

Rich Colors

Think color is for sissies? Think again. Real men wear color, and aren’t afraid of it. We’ve seen everything from neon […]

The New Sportswear

Sportswear came back with a vengeance this year! This trend is a continuation of the ‘American sportswear’ movement; a term that […]

Heritage Fabrics

The English invented the modern-day ‘suit’, so it makes sense that, when designers were looking to the past for inspiration this […]

Lots of Leather

If you don’t own at least one bad-ass leather jacket, then you can’t call yourself a man! Think we’re kidding? Think […]