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Bowties for the Holidays: Everything You Need to Know

Ah, the bowtie.  How such a small little thing can cause so much confusion in so many men.  We’ve said it before and we will say it again: do not be afraid of wearing […]

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What To Wear: Thanksgiving 2015

If you haven’t got your Thanksgiving wardrobe planned already, you better get started, as the big holiday is this week.  With so many different possible Thanksgiving functions to attend, from big family affairs to […]

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What to Pack for a Work Trip

Packing for a work trip can sometimes be a very stressful situation.  Often, it’s a last-minute decision that is thrust upon you; you have to rush back home, pack and leave, all with just […]

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How to: The Art of Winter Layering for Men

In the infamous words of Jon Snow, “Winter is coming.”  Haven’t you heard?  And, with the arrival of cooler temperatures comes the time to master the art of winter layering.  Layering serves two purposes; […]

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How to Wear: Grey Suits

The grey suit.  If you don’t own one yet, you need to get one ASAP.  It’s a perennial favorite, so it never goes out of style.  It’s a suit that can be worn both […]

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6 Suits Styles You Need to Know

When it comes to suits, there are literally an infinite amount of styles out there to choose from, particularly if you decide to go bespoke.  With so many different fabrics, cuts, lapels, vents, buttons, […]

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Get The Most Out of Your Suit

We’ve all probably invested more than a few dollars into a few nice suits.  Most of us probably wear our suits in pretty much the same way every day: to work, with a nice cotton […]

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How To Get the ‘Preppy’ Look

You might blame it on John F. Kennedy, but ever since his tenure as the President of the United States of America, it seems the ‘preppy’ look was cemented in history as a major […]

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7 Ways to Wear an Oxford Shirt

The ‘Oxford’ shirt.  We’ve all see this shirt style advertised in countless menswear stores throughout our lives.  It’s a perennial classic that never goes out of style.  So what, exactly, is an ‘Oxford’ shirt, […]

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The Neutral Palette

Summer months typically mean the return of the neutral palette.  Though we do see lots of grey throughout the year, shades such as beige and brown tend to be more commonly seen when the […]

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Trend Watch

Rich Colors

Think color is for sissies? Think again. Real men wear color, and aren’t afraid of it. We’ve seen everything from neon […]

The New Sportswear

Sportswear came back with a vengeance this year! This trend is a continuation of the ‘American sportswear’ movement; a term that […]

Heritage Fabrics

The English invented the modern-day ‘suit’, so it makes sense that, when designers were looking to the past for inspiration this […]

Lots of Leather

If you don’t own at least one bad-ass leather jacket, then you can’t call yourself a man! Think we’re kidding? Think […]