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Sportswear came back with a vengeance this year! This trend is a continuation of the ‘American sportswear’ movement; a term that was widely used in the 1970’s at the height of the sportswear frenzy, led by pioneers such as Geoffrey Beene and Bill Blass. Rather than consisting of literal sportswear, the ‘American sportswear’ aesthetic is comprised of informal, relaxed pieces which are considered appropriate for both business and social occasions.

The sportswear ‘comeback’ started in the spring, with very literal interpretations of the trend seen at menswear shows. For fall/winter the trend has now evolved into a more refined iteration of its sporty roots. Gone were the bright wind-breakers, cheesy sportswear tees and sluggish sweatpants. In their place: tailored sports coats, classic cotton shirts with rolled-up sleeves, leather ‘varsity’ jackets and smart denim have made an appearance. We think this trend is best worn on the weekends, as it is a great way in which to feel comfortable without sacrificing style, but is also acceptable on the job if you work in a creative industry.

"The ‘American sportswear’ aesthetic is comprised of informal, relaxed pieces which are considered appropriate for both business and social occasions."
Wear the #82 Los Angeles shirt for the Sporty Chic trend.

  1. image0081. New Denim – Pulling off the modern sportswear trend can be as simple as updating your denim by pairing it with a white shirt instead of a raggedy tee. Look for smarter denim, such as sturdier raw denim in a classic slim fit that can be worn as a substitute to ho-hum chinos. Also seek out designers who are using denim in unexpected ways, such as for quilted vests or bomber jackets. Keep your foundation classic and simple: a basic white shirt, such as the Los Angeles, with a sporty button collar detail is our go-to piece to wear with this trend.
  2. Varsity Rules 2. Varsity Rules – Swap that boring blazer for a sporty varsity jacket. Originally adapted from the practical and sturdy bomber jackets of the military, the illustrious varsity jacket is everywhere this season. How to wear it you ask? Well, think about how you might usually wear your favorite blazer. Now, put it back inside your wardrobe and reach for your varsity jacket instead. It’s dead easy. Avoid looking like a high-school drop-out—leave your T-shirt and sweatpants at home.
  3. Roll 'Em Up 3. Roll ‘Em Up – Mastering the sportswear trend can be as easy as rolling up your sleeves to create a more laid-back look. We’re especially fond of this little trick if you’re wearing a shirt with an interesting contrast cuff, such as the Los Angeles. Those contrast details were made for a reason, so don’t forget to utilize them to their maximum potential; little adjustments here and there can make your shirt look completely different, giving you more bang for your buck.
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