About Milk

MILK Shirts Est. 2012


Milk /milk/


Essential, white, pure

Shirt /SHərt/


A garment for the upper body made of cotton or a similar fabric, with a collar, sleeves, and buttons down the front. The staple of a man’s wardrobe; diverse, classic, timeless.

Established to feed the increasing wave of style conscious men. Men, whose lifestyle is a revolving door of work and play. MILK Shirts has given new life to this quintessential item. We are serious and passionate about bringing you a range of white shirts that you can wear for work, formal and play. We have every occasion covered.

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When In Doubt Wear A White Shirt

The white shirt has evolved to become a staple of the faultlessly groomed, independent thinking modern man. Transcending seasons, trends and ages, a man in a well-fitted white shirt exudes great taste and is a reflection of how sophisticated and casual he can be. A white shirt offers versatility and endless wardrobe options.

Enter MILK Shirts, a collection of 19 styles for every occasion.

When in doubt, wear a white shirt.


It’s All About The Details

The white shirt is often overlooked as a basic necessity; sure you need one. You might even have hundreds of them kicking around. But if it doesn’t meet all the criteria of luxurious and longwearing fabric, tasteful style and the perfect fit then what’s the point?

Quality is paramount. From single needle stitching, to handpicked luxurious two-fold cottons from only the finest mills in Europe, to finishing all our shirts with mother-of-pearl buttons. We use only the best materials. At MILK Shirts we don’t compromise on fit. We understand that men want a shirt that will fit their build and look flattering. In addition to our ready to wear shirts we offer a made to measure service to ensure each of our clients get exactly what they want.